An eclectic music week

Do things. Fun things. 

Say yes to new things. 

Don’t just use weekends to catch up on sleep. 

My new mottos meant one week was a really busy week in March. Busy and eclectic. 

Ages ago I bought tickets for my sons, Mr S and me to see Spiderbait. It was the 20th anniversary of one of their albums. Actually not my favourite album but I hoped they’d play some of my favs in the encore as they were going to play the album as the set. Of course, they played around – it wasn’t just a “studio” sound. For a three piece band they bang out a big sound. 

Spiderbait has been a family fav and now my boys are adults, they still love Spiderbait. A top family fav is when the female sings, and they didn’t disappoint with Calypso. Click on the link and enjoy. If you watched the movie, 10 Things I Hate About You, you may recognise the song. Of course if you’re an Aussie and listen to JJJ, you’d know the band well. 

Spiderbait, live at the Enmore Theatre.

Interesting tidbits of the family going out to a concert together: we went to an Indian restaurant before (working parents shout of course). Oldest boy, who now lives in the inner west and not “the burbs”, wouldn’t let me order Butter Chicken. “You can have that in the suburbs. In the city you have to try something different and not just take time to read the menu and pretend to be considering something different.” Uh!!! Trendy, bloody, inner city dwellers. Hipsters!!!

Second lesson was for my boys. A lesson in sexism that women routinely face. We were standing up the back of the venue, near the entrance from the foyer (where people, mostly men, kept going to buy overpriced, imported beer [hipster influence again]). It was a standing only concert. Men kept pushing past me. Oldest son wanted me to move as I was being pushed – not aggressively but continually. He thought it was because I was in a natural pathway. I pointed out that the pathway would be wherever I was as I was surrounded by tall men, my own and other concert-goers. Who would the walkers squeeze/push/make move? The tall men or the relatively slighter and shorter woman? 

Anyway, a review of Spiderbait doesn’t make my week eclectic. So off to something different. 

Earlier in the week I went to my first opera. Tosca by Opera Australia. In the Opera House. I got tickets from a foundation that aims to encourage people to go to the opera. They subsidise tickets for $20, instead of the  full price of $230. 

I was wary. I have never gone before. Wouldn’t risk $230 on something I might not like. $20 is worth the risk. Well, I loved it. I would go again. I will go again. Next year.  So the foundation worked. It’s got a new convert. 

Of course, the experience was entirely different. As was the audience. Older, for starters. Not that the Spiderbait audience were spring chickens. Many being around 40 to 50. Less leather and chains and tats at the Opera. 

Sparking wine on the forecourt, watching cruise ships sail past. 

Cruise season has begun. Not my scene. Too much like a floating RSL club.

Fancy a glass? Why yes, thank you.

Interval, looking at the lights and the raw industrial majesty of the Opera House design. 

Look up!

Despite two late nights in the week, and one being a week night, I wasn’t exhausted. These things energised me. Doing fun, and new, and novel things build you up, give you a purpose beyond work. A purpose for work. How else will you pay for tickets?


8 thoughts on “An eclectic music week

  1. Not familiar with Spiderbait so had a listen – they remind me of The Black Keys, who came after! I also get pushed continually at standing concerts but in deference to my age, the kids all say “Sorry” as they push past me 😦 I am impressed you went to the Opera House, let alone to see an opera – cool! To be honest, I don’t go out as much as I used to, but I usually have 2 ticketed events a month.

    • The concert hall in the Opera House is closing for renovations so that was the last opera there for a while. I have actually been there for other events, like the combined primary schools choir that my son sang in. The opera House also has two drama theatres that I have been to heaps of time.

      Re Spiderbait, when the male sings its more heavy. The girl sings cutesy, often contrasting lyrics with swear words that seem incongruous with her sweet voice. Like “You’re fucking awesome” and “some people are dickheads”. I like both those songs.

      • Makes me think of Kate Miller-Heidke. We first saw her at the State Theatre as a support act for Ben Folds.
        We’ve seen Ben play at the Opera House twice now. Once just him on stage and the other time with a full orchestra. Would see him there again in a flash.
        Spiderbait got lots of air time on the local uni radio station back in 1997. I loved Calypso, and also Buy Me A Pony. The Black Betty cover is pretty good, too. I used to enjoy watching the film clip, probably on Rage, back in the day.

    • Jamie, you made me want to listen to Buy Me a Pony” again. And yesterday, as we drove halfway home from Qld, I had to listen to my favourite Spiderbait album, Grand Slam, which is more poppy. The concert was definitely reliving “back in the day”!

      Ben Folds would have been great in the concert hall.

  2. That is so, so cool to see an actual Opera at the Opera House! And I would love to see Spiderbait. So glad it was all energising and fulfilling. I went to a 3 hour Opera once and I have to say there were moments that I thought were pure perfection…though I feel like I’m too much of a music philistine to sit through 3 hours of Opera over and again. If I had my life over I would have gone to lots more concerts though. We’re always ‘busy’ but rarely lock in actual events like that. Hope you have lots more ahead (for me to live through vicariously!)

    • When your boy grows up, you’ll have more time to go to events. We didn’t have that time when ferrying our boys around. Didn’t have baby sitters anyway, even if we did have time and energy after working and then looking after family stuff.

      More “life” ahead.

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