The Crown

I won’t pay for Netflix but won’t say no to one of my sons paying for it. And quite glad I was to when The Dreamer took up a subscription.  

I thought I’d give the much lauded series, The Crown, a go. I didn’t think I’d like it. Possibly too hagiographic. Or sensationalised. 

But no, it’s dramatic, touching, funny, romantic, frustrating in turns. And it gives a insight into the politics and religious values in the 50s. 

Fantastic settings and props; brilliant acting; sharp scripts. 

Oh! And the clothes. And jewellery. 

Worth spending two afternoons on the lounge. 

Any viewing suggestions? And not Nordic noir. 


9 thoughts on “The Crown

  1. I KNEW you would love it. Superb acting that made me feel empathy towards these people. Imagine being that torn between your sense of duty and your personal life. And I found it really interesting from an historical perspective (eg I spent time googling the London Fog). I also thought the actors were so well cast (or expert makeup and hair) after looking at younger pictures of the Royals.
    Recommendations just for you: Borgen, Shetland, Downton Abbey

    • Yes, I googled the London Fog too. And lots of other things like private secretaries, Aden, Churchill and the painting of him. And, of course, the Margaret/Peter relationship.

      • Yes – I’d forgotten that I looked into those things too. The painting! All these little details made it so much more interesting than your average historical drama.

  2. I watched one episode, but wasn’t sure how long a commitment the whole series might be… but two arvos I can do… hmm

    I started watching You Me Us on Netflix, and 13 reasons why… Neither seem you cup of tea.

  3. I loved The Crown! No TV recommendations, but if you haven’t seen The Queen with Helen Mirren, or The Young Victoria, both are wonderful. And of course Cate Blanchett’s Elizabeth I movies.

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