How do they get it so scary? 

As a child I used to watch Dr Who through my fingers or behind a pillow. 

The first episode of the latest series was no different. 

How do they get it so creepy?  

The threat of menace. The unknown. The implied. 

How can a puddle of water be so creepy?

As a character says, “But what if it attacks us?”

And then the juxtaposition of humour. Did you run out of money? Can I use the toilet? This is a lift. 

All about the TARDIS. 

The Pilot could be a pilot for a new series, attracting new viewers as the series seems to be starting a new. Of course it has a double meaning. 

And how good is it that the Doctor visits Australia? 

And I love the new offsider. 

Best of all, I watched the first two episodes and I understood them fully. 

The second episode wasn’t as scary but was novel. I love the juxtaposition of cute but scary. 

Are you a Whovarian? I am!


5 thoughts on “How do they get it so scary? 

  1. I haven’t watched any contemporary Dr Who…but back in my childhood (about age 10) I was absolutely addicted to Dr Who. This was back when you couldn’t record programs, so the threat of not being allowed to watch if I misbehaved was a serious deterrent. Dr Who aired straight after The Goodies and still to this day the first few bars of the theme music takes me to my happy place. We were given a boxed set of (new) Dr Who as a Christmas present from a student but I’m still not sure if any ‘new’ Dr Who will seem acceptable after being an ultra-fan of the Tom Baker years.

    • I liked the original new one. Then the stories became I bit to convoluted. I liked how in the old series, they were like a mini-series within a week everything was resolved. Give the DVDs a go when you have time. One wintery Melbourne day.

  2. I was unfamiliar with Dr. Who until I started work as a librarian in the late 80s and all the teens/younger adults at that time read the Dr. Who paperbacks by the dozens and loved Tom Baker. I have only watched a few episodes, old and new. Link started watching the show with David Tennant – I wonder if everyone likes their first doctor best?

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