May Day! May Day! Weight loss needed

Long term readers of this blog may exclaim, “Not another weight loss challenge! Another healthy eating attempt!”

Yep! I know I started this blog as a record of my weight loss and attempt to get healthy before it morphed into general blithering about travel and books and decluttering. 

Ha! What I’d give to be that weight and size again! Since then, I’ve hit menopause. 

It’s seems since losing some hormones, I can’t eat what I want. But worse than that, the weight doesn’t drop off when I change my eating for a little bit. 

The inches have been creeping on around my waist and my chest so that many of my clothes do not fit and some elasticated ones are tight. Now if stretchy clothes are uncomfortable, you know you have two choices: buy new clothes or lose weight. 

OK, I buy new clothes anyway but I am going to lose weight. 

I haven’t actually weighed myself lately. I don’t need too. I feel bloated. And I definitely look bloated. I have this belly that looks like I’m pregnant. Or have all the fluid build up you get from a tumour. 

I know I have been eating too many unhealthy things. And not enough of the good things.

So back to conscious eating for me. Which takes planning and not leaving food selectionuntil I am hungry. Because then I grab chocolate. Or whatever is handy. Normally high calorie, low nutritional food stuff. 

I have been grabbing bikkies this week at work. And lollies. And chocolate. 

My poor body! I need to treat it with some respect.

Why May Day?

Everyone knows you start a diet on a Monday. Or the first of the month. 

Well May 1st is a Monday. So it is doubly the right time to start. 

And May Day is a call for help. And a day of revolution. 

What could be more perfect! It’s in the stars!


12 thoughts on “May Day! May Day! Weight loss needed

  1. I’m almost with you – but then I know when I’m overseas I try anything/everything… I’m at 78.1 last weigh in… I dreams of being low 70s, imagine getting under 70?!

    • Eating lots overseas is mandatory. I will be doing same when I go o/s. All more reason for me to lose some weight this term. It doesn’t do imagining how bloated I would be if I didn’t start now.

  2. My “May Day” cry would be more of a “Help! Stop me from eating a magnum!” Or “Stop! I’m starving! Pass me the tim tam”.
    So maybe I’ll put some thought into May Day. Maybe.

  3. Oh I am so, so, so in with you. I was 78.4 at my last weigh in…aiming to lose another 10kg at least. In theory, it could just be done in this school term alone (1kg per week.) Let’s all do it together???

    • I am keen. You must do some prep though. We all know what happens when you have to grab something between running from a class to a duty or meeting. Bikkies, lollies, chocolates. Little packets of chips- they go down in lots of threes with me.

      I think the goal should be 5 kilos by end of term. But that means stepping on the scales. Which I won’t do!

      • I am embarrassed to say that I’ve lost 10kg since before I went to France. So am on top of NOT doing the random eating by day. It’s still eating out that tips the scales in the wrong direction. 5kg would be on track with how I’ve been going – I am in!

    • I’m with you all. I’m sitting at about 82.5kg. I was about 64kg in my mid-teens, dropped to 58kg in my late teens, pre-babies. Oh to be 65kg again! Or even below 70!

      I did the first two days of Couch to 5k this last week. The next three weeks will be hard to stay on track, as I always emotionally eat terrible foods when stressing about an assignment. I need to learn some better habits around this. And exercise more!

      Bring on the challenge!

      • Ah! Emotional eating! Tell me about it.

        I reach for chocolate when stressed.

        Good on you for running. I can’t run at all. Walk, yes. But run, not anything over about 10 metres.

  4. After the entire basket of Easter candy is gone, I need to go back to planned snacks! I saw a tip on another blog this week that might help me – to sometimes have a hot cocoa or a glass of chocolate milk instead of keeping chocolate/candy in the house. Another thing that had been working was baking muffins/loaves instead of grabbing snacks from cafes and vending machines “en route.” Then, will at least know what goes into them, and can work out my own portion sizes.

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