May Day. It’s a revolution 

To start my revolution I need to plan. And do some prep. Rather than reaching for a bikkie or four when hungry, I need some healthy food that is to hand and can be eaten quickly. 

When you reach for sugar dense foods, you find yourself reaching for some more very quickly. Eat a bikkie or two and you bounce awake when the sugar hits your system. But that high drops quickly so you need more. And then more. 

My main problem is not having food prepared. I have no time to do so at work nor in the mornings. So I need forthought. 

On Saturday afternoon I bought fruit, salads and nuts. I made up a big saucepan of minestrone soup. Gosh it was delicious! Mr S thought so too. He had two bowls for lunch. The saucepan will give me lunch for three days next week, on top of the weekend lunches. (On two other days I won’t be on site so can’t take the soup. Food will be supplied.)

I also bought some raw almonds. For nibbling. 

And bought some easy to eat fruit – mandarins, bananas, plums, apples, grapes.

I have a tonne of chocolate around from Easter. I got Mr S to hide it. I know where more is but I won’t open the packets. 

Next step: bake some leb bread with olive oil and a sprinkling of Parmesan. Much less fat than crisp breads or crackers. And I can nibble this with some Persian feta. 

Preparation is the key to eating healthy and to avoiding temptation. 


12 thoughts on “May Day. It’s a revolution 

  1. Nice prep! I ventured to the grocery store after a leisurely few hours of screen time, and my FAVOURITE freezer meals (which are all wholesome too) were on sale for $3.15 (usually $6), so the freezer is stocked. I also picked up rice crisps for snacks, as well as 4 mandarins (I know too many means some will spoil!). I also have a chai latte mix at work, which I drink with milk. Not great for me, but better than the alternatives which would be a chocolate bar or ice cream – it’s an improvement substitution. I also picked up plain oats (after flirting with the cinnamon apple SUGAR flavoured sachets) and berries for b’fast. I’m set! And $80 all up, which, is about 10 lunch or dinner meals plus lots of b’fasts!

    • Sarah…I am liking this!!! I lost my 10kg in France over Dec/Jan by having oats for breakfast and freezer meals microwaved for dinner…with baguettes for lunch and lots of ‘skipped’ lunches. No snacking, as is the French and so much easier than here where it’s too easily available. Wine many days and cheese. All French-style.

  2. Encouraged by your fervour, I cooked Zucchini slice and also some Zucchini Soup (potatoes, leek, red lentils as well). Result – lots of washing up and a sore back. It’s very time consuming preparing healthy food, I find, despite what others say. Lots of chopping, preparation, thinking ahead.
    But as it’s not May Day, I need to wait till tomorrow for the soup so at least I can have one day of gloating how healthily I’m eating.
    So roll on May Day so I can also be Mindful in May whilst eating soup.

    • We could wrap a bowl of soup so we have different soups for lunch?

      Yes, healthy food takes prep. Not just opening packet of bikkies or chips. But better for us. And less salt, sugar and calories. And more filling, more nutrients and fibre.

      And red wine is my prescription for Sunday night bad back.

  3. I have a bit of a routine for weekdays – Mon through Wed I make salads the night before – chop once and assemble daily. Also mix yogurt and fruit into serving size containers. Thursday I work an evening shift so I like to have a hot meal instead of a salad – usually leftovers. And Fridays I have cheese toast or avocado toast for lunch, and sometimes eggs. I know not everyone likes eating the same things often, but I find it helpful to take choices away 🙂 Minestrone, almonds, fruit – sounds great!

  4. After my great success in the first four months of mindful eating, I had a wee um I don’t actually know exactly *what* to call it… combination of the hormones, the wine, the chocolate, the opening of the pantry and eating something from the packet. Definitely the hormones, because there’s a correlation when the lady business happens and WHAM! I am two kilograms heavier than I was two months ago. So yeah, stopped all of the stuff in my control, and started afresh on May 1st. And despite the general deliciousness of the icecream, yoghurt is probably a tiny bit better choice.

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