Monday 1st May. May Day, it’s begun

Apologies if my misappropriation of a day that celebrates and promotes workers’ rights offends. Please be assured I have marched on May Day marches before. 

Now down to business, today is the day I started my healthy eating. This week I plan to cut out sugary snacks. I will have lunch and morning tea ready so I am not tempted to eat biscuits and cakes and lollies and chocolates. 

It may be difficult but I will say no to two morning tea offerings that I know I will face: scones with jam and cream, sausage rolls and pastries. I will have the healthy food to hand. 

That’s the plan: swapping unhealthy (high calorie, low or no nutrients) with healthy foods. I am not looking at portion control or actual meals yet. Let’s just stick with the swap. 

Last night I made some Greek yoghurt. I use Easiyo. It’s so easy. Lol. And yummy. I make he Greek yoghurt. I’ll use it for morning tea. With fruit. But separate. I don’t like my fruit with yoghurt or bits in my yoghurt. 

So how did I go today?

Breakfast: porridge – half a cup of quick cook oats cooked with 3/4 water. Added 1 teaspoon sugar and skim milk 

Mugs of tea with full cream milk between breakfast and morning tea: 2

Morning tea: 2 mandarins and a medium sized banana. 

Lunch: crispy Asian salad (ready chopped supermarket one with those noodles, cabbage and stuff). Bowl of my homemade minestrone. Recipe to come. Very small handful of saltanas. 

Afternoon snack: few grapes. 

Dinner: vegetarian pasta dish with cheese. 

Drinks: two schooner (ie big) glasses of tap water and one glass of sparkling water. Will have water or a cup of tea or both after after dinner. 

By gad, at 5pm I was hungry. I am so used to snacking on biscuits and chocolate and crackers and junk. Grazing continually. My stomach isn’t used to being empty. What’s that? it is saying. What’s that feeling? At it sends messages of needing to eat for hunger, not for emotions or boredom or routine or habit. 

Anyway I didn’t succumb and will wait for dinner which is almost ready. 

How did you go? Share away. 


9 thoughts on “Monday 1st May. May Day, it’s begun

  1. Today, I ate: Porridge (free poured) with water and blueberries, then milk to cool it (cheap or what?); mocha as usual, chai latte with a colleague, lunch was at 1.30pm (we consistently eat at noon us workers!) and a 500cal chicken korma from the Woolworths selection. Mandy got ignored, tomorrow perhaps? Then just now, a Chobani yoghurt with strawberries in it (like… it came like that!), and a bottle of water (first pour with lime cordial) as I’m not hungry but don’t want to go to bed and have rumbles! Oh… a tim tam before bar – I mean… I was offered, and after Ourimbah to Oatley (and inner city to Ourimbah) today, then Oatley Home, my nerves were fried and one tim tam is an improvement on the usual.

  2. OH, and… once my self absorption ends. Nice work on your snack options pre lunch. Hunger is THE WORST – I always wonder what the most filling by calorie light foods are when this happens! Like… unflavoured pop corn? Celery? Something you could be stuffed on, but the scales would NEVER show? We’d likely die of boredom first though!

  3. Great effort today, Lucinda! I’m admiring your portion size for dinner…I’d usually eat about twice that volume. However! I’ve also been good today…

    (1) Breakfast: 3 Weetbix and milk

    Went for a ‘fast’ day today as I knew I’d be absolutely flat-out and wouldn’t notice no snacks or lunch. (no spares, meetings with a Student Teacher Recess and Lunch, faculty meetings x 2 after school till 5pm.)

    (2) Wait! I grabbed a handful of dried apricots from the staff room at lunch. Not good but got me through.

    (3) Dinner: Beef Curry & Rice cooked by Mr D. And I halved the quantity served so it was a small portion plus saved the rest for tomorrow’s lunch. Was exceedingly delish.

    (4) Glass of Red Wine!

    Don’t feel at all hungry tonight and hopefully have made progress!

    • Sounds good except you know who have to eat lunch. We can last a couple of days like this but then reach for the sugar in biscuits and chocolate. Also you need more fruit and veg. It’s mandarin season. You can eat those neatly in a meeting.

      Oh and confession: that photo was Mr S’s second helping. Mine was a bit bigger. And I then had two small scoops of frozen raspberry and rhubarb purée stuff with some yoghurt. That hit the spot as I needed something sweet.

      I know I need to drink more water.

  4. Your day of food sounded excellent to me; I would have to add a big snack like a bagel with peanut butter in the afternoon to get me through until dinner. But otherwise similar to what I would have on a good day. Raspberry and rhubarb – that sounds good!

  5. Special K, coffee, tea, nuts, zucchini slice, tea, zucchini soup with toast, popcorn.
    Oh…and a caramello koala. But it was a gift, so that doesn’t count, does it?

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