Resuming normal transmission

How’d May Day Revolution go?

I did eat more healthily. 

I didn’t lose weight. Well under a kilo. But that’s neither here nor there. But I suppose it is neither on my hips. Lol!

How’s the “reclaim your life from work/ making margins around work” going?

I am averaging a 10 hour day at work. Add travel, and reclaiming my life is not going too well. But I don’t do emails from home unless I’ve been at a course of meeting during the day and I really resist doing work things on the weekend. 

I am making a conscious effort to do things I like – French lessons continue on Saturday, reading, watching movies and series on TV, exploring places, going out for lunch, dinner or drinks. And I’ve been planning our next overseas trip. Having something to look forward to is a great lifter of spirits. 

I’ve taken two sick days so far this year. Pretty shocking for me. One was really because the stress was too much and I’d had enough. And the other because I was feeling a cold developing. As it turned out I ended with the flu in the first week of he holidays. So on the sick days I was really sick. Still I normally would battle on because of the work needing attention. Not anymore. And I got my hair done. Normally I go on a Saturday but that would mean missing French lessons. Which I don’t want to do. 

And I took a Family Leave Day – explained below. 

How’d the Persian thing go?

You didn’t know I had a Persian thing? Well after reading that book, in the last post, I really had to try the food. I spoke with some Persian/Iranian students who recommended some restaurants. Turns out there’s heaps of Persian restaurants around our part of Sydney. Who knew?

I picked one, one wet week day evening. So, how’d I kind the food?

As my eldest said, glad we came as it will be more memorable than if we’d had yet another Thai meal. My most complimentary words – unusual and unique, which is up there with memorable. 

The flavours that are put together are really unusual – sweet and sour and and … and something I just couldn’t put words too. 

We were the only people in the restaurant. The two servers/cooks were so lovely and friendly. I do hope they make money. I can’t see the food taking off with Australians. I will go again to try some kebabs. And maybe to another restaurant to try the same dishes but cooked by someone else. Would hate to judge all Persian foods based on one version. 

My less complementary word was swampy. Which the dishes did look like. 

What’s the best thing that happened over the last few months?

I’ve been making sure that I’ve been doing things that bring joy (see first question) but some things bring great joy without any input or control from me. 

My eldest graduated from Sydney Uni with a double degree – science and chemical engineering. Mr S and I took leave to attend his graduation. We had an absolutely perfect day. So many people commented that I looked beautiful in the photos. It was because I wa so happy. Amazing how joy can make you glow!

My youngest is in a band. They’ve been playing gigs and they have a song that you can buy on iTunes or Spotify. Search Arborview if you’re so inclined. 

Photos below were at a free gig at Bondi in April. Perfect blue sky. Lovely warm weather. We went for a swim, as you do when at Bondi, although it’s not my sort of place and I haven’t been for over a decade. Too crowded. Still, we were there to see our son. And we couldn’t have been prouder. 

Mr S watching the gig

My high jumping bass guitarist

Classic rock star end-of-gig stance


6 thoughts on “Resuming normal transmission

  1. Having young men who are doing what they love and are happy and fulfilled.. isn’t it wonderful? So glad your two are experiencing success and adventures:)

  2. There were 3 Persian restaurants near here (now 2) and we like the food – a good number of vegetarian options. And non-gloopy options!

    Your kids sound like they are launched on happy paths! I listened to Arborview – I like the retro pop punk sound (that is a compliment) 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear you’re working 10 hour days. But long service leave!

  3. Just started reading a book based about kids who loved from Iran to England – they speak about the food with such love! Like you, I should try some!!

    Glad for your health days. I took one yesterday – I’d felt a sore throat coming and couldn’t take Monday off due to an important work visit and so held off to a Tuesday. People derided me as I’ve worked sick recently (felt non contagious just sounded bad). The counsellor visit and roams on Wednesday – yep. Mental health. Not work, feelings, all the feelings. Am I better for the day off? I think it just resets my routines and ruts with a day out of the office.

    Must get to your other posts. Oh! I’m 2kg down, dry July and all that. Thank Christ with shitty emotions in otherwise

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