The TV show or the book?

I really enjoy the English TV series, Agatha Raisin. It’s light-hearted murder mysteries bring Agatha Christie into the now. Kind of a Midsommer Murder meets Miss Marple. 

Just the thing for a Friday or Sunday evening viewing, I never bothered trying he books on which the TV series was based. Slightly too light-weight for me.  Something I’ll watch but not really read. 

Until now.  I needed something to distract being stuck indoors on the lounge with my bung knee. And I can borrow the electronic version online from my library while away. 

I found the books were perfectly distracting, and entertaining. 

But book-Agatha doesn’t have a blonde bob. And she isn’t noted for her lovely figure. 

What? I know. The blonde bob is so perfect for the character. 

Oh! You mean why would I focus on the blonde bob? As if that makes a character. 

Well, yes, I grant you that it could be seen as trivial detail, except the story isn’t deep and Agatha with a blonde bob is like Phyrne Fisher’s black bob. It seems to define the character. 

Anyway, I have accepted that the book-Agatha is slightly different from TV-Agatha. And that’s OK. I enjoyed the first novel so much, I borrowed the next instalment. And read it. And reserved book 3 – my library only has book 3 in real book so have to wait until I return home. And I borrowed and read book 4. All from the unit down the snow, 8 hours away from home!!!

Have you ever been disappointed by how a character has been portrayed in transferring a novel to a TV show? Or the other way? Or enjoyed both, even if the portrayal isn’t the same?

I know I will probably tire of the books. Like Alexander McCall-Smith, MC Beaton churns out a new volume in the series every year. And some of the details are more than slightly silly. Fine for TV series. And fine in small doses when house-bound. 

I’m so glad the series is being repeated on TV. I will have another look, especially as I missed some of the episodes. 

4 thoughts on “The TV show or the book?

  1. I didn’t know Agatha Raisin was a TV series. I haven’t read the books but they’re popular at the library. Going the other way, I found Emilia Clarke as Lou in the movie version of Me Without You so much better (more sympathetic) than the character in the book.

  2. Sounds fun! It seems absurd now that he has come to dominate public perceptions of the character, but I didn’t like David Suchet’s performance as Poirot at all when he began in the role. I especially loathed his pathetic moustache, like a lacquered slug, whereas in the books, Poirot is enormously proud of his massive moustaches. However, with time, I think he’s been brilliant in the role, so first impressions don’t always count (and they improved his moustache too).

    • I love David Suchet’s characterisation. So much so that when I read the books, I hear his voice saying the words. I’m not so keen on a couple of the actors who’ve played Miss Marple. Though you’re right, sometimes some of the features, like a moustache or hair colour, especially when mentioned so pointedly in the novel, don’t sit right on the screen. Or visa versa.

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