Hobblin’ along

After my skiing injury, I couldn't walk for two days. On the third, I had to walk as I had to get to the bus to take us off the mountain.

That involved negotiating several sets of stairs and a snow covered set of gardens steps without a handrail, crossing a ski run, walking through a queue for lift tickets and down the road, slippery with water, ice and snow. I managed to hobble with my dead leg bent and a ski pole taking on the role of a walking stick.

Then there was a seven hour trip in the car.

Since then I've:

  • had an MRI. (Why didn't anyone warn me they are noisy? Very noisy. And they go for ages. I was lying there for 30 minutes, not knowing if I could move at all. If I moved my arm, would it wreck the whole thing? Cost: $320, no rebate, nothing, not from Medicare, not from private health insurance.)
  • had a CT scan. (Quick, not noisy, free as billed billed)
  • had massage with lymphatic drainage
  • been told off by the orthopaedic specialist's receptionist

R: (in sharp voice, made sharper by her South African accent) Have you been to a physiotherapist?

Me: No.

R: Why not? Hasn't your doctor told you to brace it?

Me: I don't know. No. Because she thought I should see a specialist.

R: Why are you going for a CT scan?

Me: Because my doctor said the specialist would probably want it.

R: But you've already had an MRI?

Me: Oh, isn't it normally done? I think my doctor wanted to rule out something that the MRI picked up. [Started reading from report.]

R: No point reading to me, I'm not a doctor.

  • seen a physiotherapist. (Thank heavens for private health insurance.)

And I've been turned into Robogirl.

Turns out the ligament I damaged with a high grade tear, they don't operate on. It has blood supply so it heals. High grade tear takes 8 to 12 weeks. I've given them 8. I have France to visit.

I won't get into the specialist for a while so I can't say what he will say.


8 thoughts on “Hobblin’ along

  1. Oh, poppet. That brace looks very impressive. It is important to look very unwell to garner much sympathy, chocolate, and people rushing to bring you cups of tea. I hope that is the silver lining for you.. and yes, 8 weeks definitely doable. France waits for no woman. And gosh, you have such a lovely leg under all that medical prosthesis:)

  2. I thought the same thing as Jo: nice leg 🙂 Private MRIs cost $1000 here – and enable people to jump the public health queue – an online check today tells me the wait is 413 days!! I hope you will make the most of your 8 weeks and truly take it easy with work so as not to spoil your time off.

    • Wow. Well I won’t complain about our MRI cost. Obviously it is covered by govt funding to some degree in some way. So what happens if you have to wait over 400 days? Some ligament damage can be repaired by surgery but they have to know what ligament it is. If you wait in pain and lacking mobility for that long for something that can be fixed in a week, you wouldn’t be happy.

      And thank you for the compliment. I think the angle and the light was flattering.

      • I’ve never had an MRI so I don’t know much about who gets prioritized. I think a GP will refer you to a specialist who can get you in right away if they feel it’s urgent. I don’t know who all these people are with “non-urgent” medical issues that can wait over a year!

  3. Hmm I’m trying to think what it was that I had an MRI for – I do recall it was at anti social o’clock of a later evening on a Friday. And at Westmead, which is no where near anywhere I go!

    I’m so sorry it’s such a long healing time – that’ll be one thing that will keep you motivated to the exercises they give you (I had physio yest for a sore neck, bad headaches. I am RUBBISH at the exercises… thankfully the new physio I see at the practice is smart enough to know I’m rubbish (and honest) and give me less to do. And prompts on when I could ‘remember’ to do them. Go him.

    Oh gosh, you poor thing. Hopefully the airline will be ever so generous and upgrade you 😉

    • Ha! We can only hope for an upgrade. Won’t seek one on way over as I have emergency exit row extra legroom seats. Don’t want them to take them off us.

      Anti-social o’clock. Was it a late night fall?

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