Archive | August 1, 2017

Cut the bottled water.

Subtitled: Saving for a whole year off – income cut, not lifestyle cut

The next tip isn't something new we've doing since our income has dropped by 20%.

Though I very occasionally may buy bottled water, I've become more conscious of it, especially in light of reducing plastic use. 

But given the amount of bottled water that is consumed, I think there must be people who could save a tonne if they followed this tip. 

Tip number 3: drink tap water 

I hardly buy bottled water. When I'm out and about and really thirsty and it's really really hot and there's no bubbler about and I won't be going home in an hour or two, I will buy a bottle.

I never buy it routinely from the supermarket. 

But even though I hardly ever buy bottled water, I still seem to end up with plastic water bottles. From conferences. From work things. From flights. And so I reuse them. Fill them at the tap. 

The little ones from airplanes are perfect for you handbag when going to the city. Not so big and heavy. 

All it takes is a little planning. Take some water with you. 

When I visit areas that use untreated rain water, I boil the kettle and leave the water to cool overnight. When I was in central Australia where they are on bore water i bought big containers of water. We then decanted into small plastic bottles for going out. 

I can't fathom paying $2 for something that is exactly the same product and costs a couple of cents. 

If you say you can taste the difference, boil the water first, or leave the water in sunlight – the chlorine will go away – its chemistry. Or add a squeeze of lemon. 

Do it for you wallet and the oceans.