Where should we sleep?

After roughly blocking out our itinerary, the actual dates at each place is really dependent on getting the accommodation I want.

I don't really enjoy hotels. Actually I hate being stuck in them. The one room. Dank corridors. No kitchen. Crappy tea bags and tiny tea cups. Minuscule fridges crammed full of overpriced drinks, leaving no room for your own drinks. Having to go out for breakfast. I don't mind hotels when I'm on my own for work but staying in the one hotel room with more than one person is the pits.

Mr S and I like to have a kitchen Even if we plan to eat out most days, we like to be able to make our own breakfast. We like having a lounge room, separate from the bedroom so we don't disturb one another with our different sleep patterns. And we like a lounge room so we can hang out and relax – read, watch tele, doze, have a drink, surf the 'net. We like having a washing machine so we don't have to pack so many clothes and we don't have to search for a laundromat.

We don't just see accommodation as a place to sleep. Our aim isn't to get the cheapest place. We want nice surroundings. We want different types of places. But we also like staying out for a bit, not having to rush and pack and move on every day. And while it's nice having someone make the bed, it's a task I'd trade in for privacy and space of a self-contained accommodation.

That's why AirBnB works really well for us. We get a whole house – and we get to see what it looks like – for pretty good prices.

That said, we have booked some BnBs and hotels. Mix it up, I say.

Our first night will be in a BnB opposite Monet's gardens. Our second night is in Honfleur. Look at this place:

After one night in two different places, it's time for us to settle down. We'll spend six nights at the next town, St Malo. I can imagine myself sitting here and not wanting to move!

Here's a few more of the AirBnB places we've booked.

Sarlat-la-Canéda. I don't think three nights will be enough here.

Tours. We'll be here for two nights.

And our last five nights will be spent in this apartment in Paris.

What do you think? Gorgeous, aren't they?

So what's your preferred accommodation choices when travelling? Do you go for lux or savings?


10 thoughts on “Where should we sleep?

  1. Wow! Can’t wait to hear all about your travels when the time comes. One of my dreams to go to Monet’s garden! We go for location first, budget rooms, but not bare bones – need a certain level of comfort and good wifi. We like B&Bs and going down for breakfast (early risers so usually have granola bars and fruit in the room). I don’t prefer going out for breakfast every day but if we have to, we have good breakfasts and lunches, and skimp a little on dinner.

    • I know you know but it is only a short train trip from London to north France. You could do a couple of days to Monet’s garden this August!!!???

      If we stay at BnBs that have a cooked English breakfast we do breakfast and skip lunch.

    • Oh yes – CRITICAL is good wifi for all my family (namely mother over brother… if I recall the frustrations right!). I find big hotels continue to charge for wifi whereas smaller boutique hotels to all other forms of accom, includ it. So cheeky.

      I love eating b’fast out – in Australia. But in a new place, I seldom know where the hotel will be relative to breakfast places, so also like b’fast included (the BF even knew this trend, when selecting places). Hangry is a real!

      • Hate how some hotels charge extra for wifi. It is handy having breakfast included when travelling and staying in a flash hotel. They offer such big buffets that it means you can go without lunch.

  2. I am not a hotel person so often go for small bed and breakfast places. If just a quick overnight we use Premier Inn at a push Travel Lodge. If we go abroad we would get a Gite in France or a cottage or apartment.
    Your pictures look like you have chosen well.
    My dad went to Monet’s Garden – he loved it but wondered where the lawn was – he always took great pride in his rolling lawns and never let a week go by without cutting them!

    • I love the picture of your dad being disappointed as there’s no lawn. My step-father would be the same. He’d also probably want to trim and tidy up the plants.

      A colleague showed me a hotel she stayed in at Bordeaux. Wish I’d seen it earlier. I’d have chosen it. While I’m not a hotel person, I like old fashioned glamour and quirky. And this place was glamourous.

  3. Oh my goodness – those places are *gorgeous* !!! I’d be tempted not to go out at all but to lounge with books and croissants!! Stunning. We stay in a range of places but often self-contained, usually pretty nice (at our age we feel past the real ‘budget’ places unless we’re doing it for ‘the experience.’) Wow – you have done well with your searching though – those places are really beautiful!

    • I know! I’ll be tempted to sit on balconies and just be rather than galavant around. I really don’t want to visit museums, as I did in London, but just enjoy food and look at buildings and scenery.

  4. You’ll have to let me know about the Paris airbnb and price depending of course!! Paris is one place that I haven’t a good plan for accomodation and need due to my rather regular visits! They are all pretty charming.

    To be honest, I love clean above all else. And sadly that’s inconsistent even in hotels or Airbnbs. I found my budget French hotel chain to satisfy that condition and I couldn’t do long languishing days in that style of place without bristling, I could handle overnights. My 2016 euro trip was all boutique hotels save for Moscow (Mercure), and one place was a private room in a hostel. 2017 euro was hostels in Iceland and otherwise Airbnb, Téo budget chain hotels nights and a hostel one night in Paris. Previously I’ve been 100% hotels or 100% hostels. The BF had a surprisingly high budget and benchmark for hotels which I quite enjoyed (Sheraton Nha Trang, Vietnam most notably!)

    Lastly, you are SO much like my Mum’s best friend with all your accomodation desires. You’re also similar in other ways (fashion, no nonsense etc).

    • Your mum’s friend sounds like a lovey lady. Lol!!!

      ” Clean” is a must! When I was a 20 something I was less demanding. Still I could choose cheaper places but I luckily don’t have to. Though I couldn’t spend big big big on a hotel. Same price for a room for one night as a whole apartment for several.

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