I’ve been dressing like a man

I've been wearing the same pair of boots for three weeks. Usually I wear different shoes for different outfits. I do have several pairs, OK lots of pairs, of "work shoes", shoes with a slight heel, shoes with a high heel, shoes in different colours, that I only wear at work. And then there's all the flats and sandals and runners and heels I wear when not at work.

But while I have to wear my leg brace, I need shoes with support, that are comfortable, that stay on firmly, that don't have a heel.

So, no court shoes. Nothing with a kitten or small heel. Nothing with straps. No ballet flats.

These fit the bill.

The leg brace limits my clothing choice as much as footwear choice. I have to wear something that fits under or over the brace. The brace also catches on clothing and pulls threads. I don't want to wreck all my clothes so I can't wear them all.

The boots also limit clothing choice. Black tights and boots require a certain look. So no pretty and floral clothing.

Do you know what?

I haven't missed swapping shoes and clothes. It has been freeing; thinking what to wear has been simple. I rotate between two skirts and one pair of leggings. No thinking. No clothing dilemmas. No "what to wear" thoughts in the morning. No finding the right top for the desired skirt.

I know I will enjoy wearing my other clothes when I can again. But I will miss the excuse the brace gives me to wear the same three items over and over again.

A bonus: normally I wear these boots with jeans, so they are never really seen. Now with skirts, they've truely been admired. I've been asked where I bought them.

London. They were the only thing I liked and could afford at Liberties.

PS. People have questioned why I'm wearing heels. The boots don't feel like high heels to me. The heel is solid and large, and compared to my normal work shoes, don't feel high. Also I need to bend my bodgy leg so the heel takes the pressure off the ball of my foot.

11 thoughts on “I’ve been dressing like a man

  1. Reading your post has made me realise I spend quite a lot of time embracing the manly code of dress. Same shoes, same pants and shake things up a bit with different tops, scarves and jackets. Part of the reason is I don’t find many covered shoes comfortable.
    Roll on Spring – when I can free my toes!

  2. That is exactly how I dress most of the time for work! 😀 You look great! I rotate black pants, grey pants, a couple of skirts and dresses. But I have enough tops to make lots of combinations. I’m sorry to hear about the leg-brace…I have to catch up on my back-reading on that one.

  3. I always wear skirts for work and black tights unless it is a navy skirt then I have navy tights and shoes which go better. I cannot wear heels anymore as I have a problem with both feet due to an operation I had on my feet when only 17. I miss wearing heels as flat shoes don’t make an outfit very elegant. Hope you leg is better soon but nice to see those boots!

    • I fear I may not be able to wear heels anymore. I know I won’t have long before I switch, even when my knee heals. So I’m not going to bother reheeling my high heels.

      Leg is healing. Just needs time.

  4. I agree – this newer me wouldn’t see that as a heel! How I’ve changed :p

    I’m proud to hear you’re so chill about your limited options. I’m trying project 333 but suspect seasonally I’ve got the wrong 3 months. But I came to see 33 is a lot for me! I got to 30 with a struggle and three pairs of pants only (ie the only bottoms) cause I seldom want for a skirt. Work out leggings don’t count. Should a winter coat I grabbed yest be one of the three to make 33? Can’t decide

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