Archive | August 6, 2017

How should we get around in France?

Mr S doesn't want to drive on the wrong side of the road. The right side being the left side and the wrong side being the right side. So he says he doesn't want to drive.

Because I want to go to little backroad places, I don't want to be struggling with trains and buses and luggage. I want the freedom and independence that a car gives you.

I figure as I'm left handed and left/right confused (which I wrote about here), it won't make much of a difference to me. I just have to chant, "Mr S in the gutter."

My downfall is I can only drive an automatic. Seems most cars in France are manual. Automatics are not as common or cheap. So I got in early and booked a car. There are some horror stories of automatic-needing customers booking automatics and the car hire company taking their bookings but not supplying an automatic car or making them wait for hours while one is sourced. I hope my luck will hold.

I did investigate leasing but we are not driving for long enough. Also there are not as many pick up places for leased cars as there are for hire cars.

I'm not going to be mad enough to drive in Paris. We will drop our car in Tours and catch the TGV.

My fear is driving into the towns and trying to find parking. We are staying in some old centres that have no, or very limited, parking.

How do you prefer to get around when travelling in a different country? Have you coped driving on the different side of the road from your normal side? Or was it horrendous?