Ditch the coffee

Subtitled: Saving for a whole year off – income cut, not lifestyle cut

I don't drink coffee. I hate most things to do with coffee drinking in cafes. 

I hate the noise. I so hate the noise!!! All that banging and steaming. It is so uncivilised and stress-inducing. My shoulders tighten at the thought. 

I also don't get why people want a daily drink, an expensive daily drink, from cardboard with a plastic lid. 

Coffee drinking is something Mr S and I have never succumbed too. So luckily we don't waste our money on it. We never started so we don't have to cut it. 

We do have our own weaknesses. We like drinking tea. It's much calmer. More civilised. An altogether more refined beverage. 

Yet we hardly ever buy it when out. Most people can't seem to make it properly. Especially baristas. They don't give tea the respect it deserves. Lukewarm water that doesn't let the tea draw. Incorrect storage of the tea so it absorbs the odour of coffee and herbs and herbal teas. I've even had milk served warm from being steamed by the coffee machine. Yuck!

But just as coffee drinkers like going out and grabbing a coffee, Mr S and I like drinking tea outdoors – in parks, in bushland, in gardens.

Luckily there's this thing called the thermos. We (or more precisely Mr S – it's his job to make the thermos of tea) make a thermos of tea at home. And then we take it with us. With my fine bone china mugs safely wrapped in a tea towel. 

Voilà. Tea as we like it. In new surroundings. A nice outing with a bikkie. If you have time, pack a boiled egg, mayo, lettuce and buttered fresh bread and you have a picnic. 

Who needs a cafe?

So Tip number 4: switch to tea, and drink your tea at home or take your own tea and have a little picnic.

As an added bonus, if you give up the coffee, not only will you save money but your breath won't stink and you will taste the subtleties in food and you won't be adding all those horrid unbiodegradable coffee cups in the environment. 

Of course this tip won't work if you say, "But coffee is my lifestyle and I wouldn't want to cut it out." Or if you hate tea or don't own a thermos. Or maybe you say my one daily coffee on a weekday isn't that expensive. $5 X 5 days X 40 (for most months of the year) X 4 years = $4,000.

And that's another fortnight off for me! You drink the coffee; I'll take the fortnight in my Year Off.


10 thoughts on “Ditch the coffee

  1. Yep I’m a horrible coffee drinker. Habit got worse with others around me regularly being regular drinkers and all. And my barista is my lifeline (not pertaining to coffee but literally checks on me if it’s been a few days and it’s an unexplained absence. Really nice sense of community in that).

    I think I could cut coffee for budget reasons and settle for one a week or similar. But currently it’s not a huge budgetary drama and a pleasant highlight in my day. I recall days it was the ONLY highlight! And I look forward to my first coffee when I’ve been away from my usual cafe

  2. I’m not sure life would be worth living without coffee, but I also make it at home instead of buying it from a cafe (Who has that kind of time in the morning?). And I take a thermos full to work every day because the coffee there is undrinkable. I buy a bag of beans a little less than once a week. The ones I like are pretty reasonable so I’d estimate I spend $260-$320 a year. Definitely an expense that is worth it to me!

    • Hi Belinda. We take two thermoses. One with tea and one with milk. Mostly the one with tea is brewed at home prior to putting into the thermos (which is heated first with hot water). A couple of times we will take just hot water and tea bags. At home we rarely use tea bags, preferring loose leaf tea.

  3. Question for you – does your Thermos have a metal, glass or plastic liner? I find it affects the taste of the tea. I “like” tea but of course I am a coffee drinker. I grind it and brew it at home and take a Thermos of coffee to work.

    • Stainless steel. Doesn’t affect tea taste. But then it can be what you’re used to. We use a metal tea pot. My perfect tea pot previously blogged about. So we are used to tea made in metal. I wouldn’t like it if it was stored in plastic. I would taste that.

      • Ahhh! So true. I hadn’t thought of that. Good point. (As I write I am drinking a cup of tea with loose leaf tea in a pot with a cup and saucer. A quiet relaxing meditative start to the day.)

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