Travelling or a holiday?

Possibly because I have so many breaks as a teacher – every ten weeks, I have at least two weeks off – or possibly because of the effort needed for a long haul flight; either way I don't see our trip to France as a "holiday".

For me holidays are slow and relaxed, even if we do plenty of active things, whether going away or staying at home. OK, in France we won't have to get up every morning by 6 to be at work by 7.40. But we won't be lazing the days away with a book or five, on the beach. We won't be hanging by our own pool with cocktails and music. Not that we don't do active things on our holidays. Mr S can't sit still for long, hence the annual ski trip, and I have to go for walks. Our ski trip and our road trips are holidays. In the past my favourite holidays were camping by the beach in national parks. Still, while we might be on the move, we have a slow relaxed feel.

Like our trip to London two years ago, in France we will be on the go. This time it will be slightly more challenging given the language and driving challenges. We will be busy.

I want to see everything, eat everything, sit and absorb the local atmosphere. Of different places.

For we may never take this path again!

No matter how beautiful, how beguiling, we may never pass this way again.

No, my trip to France is "a trip", not a holiday. I'm like a woman on a mission.

Travelling in Australia, I'm a little more relaxed, as I know it is more likely that I can pass this way again. I didn't get to do something I wanted to last January at Lake Crackenback (in the photo above) but no worries. I think I will be back next summer.

Actually for most of my breaks, my holidays are about going on trips to somewhere new or seeing a new bit of something I missed (like my Kelly expeditions or stopping off at different places on our road trips north and south) or simply relaxing at home. I never understood the attraction of a holiday home. Why would I want to go to the same place every holiday? Why would I want another home to be responsible for? Mr S likes routine and going to the same place, like the same ski field, and having the same pub counter lunch.

What's your approach when travelling somewhere new? What's your approach to holidays – is it the new or the known that attracts you?


6 thoughts on “Travelling or a holiday?

  1. I said, “cram everything in in France, because we may never pass this way again.” But guess what…I was back again in 2 years and I will go back again (and again, and again.) You will go back, Lucinda! I’m like you…cannot sit still when there is so much to see and do and it IS so far away from us in Australia. Travel to me is all about exploring. I struggle to sit still by the pool, though Mr D is trying to make me see the light and just chill! How exciting to think about your coming trip though! 🙂

    • It is exciting. And getting close. I know I will travel to France again but it more than likely won’t be the same spots. So cram, cram, cram it will be. As long as my knees hold up.

  2. It depends on where we are going. In Fiji I was happy to spend a few days poking around, then the rest sitting on the beach reading. My husband was go go go every day.

    In Europe we had things planned for each day. 20kms of walking per day included. At the time I told myself “it’s ok. We will come again”. Now I can’t see how we would manage it, especially another trip as a family. It makes me terribly sad, but I’m glad I wasn’t thinking it at the time. It would have really put a dampner on the holiday.

  3. I like to have a little rest on all holidays even in places i think I will not pass again. I need to – I can’t keep going and going normally, much less in new places, new foods, new languages. I really grate at people who I might chat to whilst abroad, telling me I should go out and see and do more. And it’s snowing, and I’m tired etc. So I just do holidays my way, and ignore poorly placed advice!

    • It is hard bringing together two different approaches to travel. I agree with the need to have a rest day every so often. We had a couple of easy days when we went to London two years ago. Much needed so we could have the energy for all the running around.

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