Archive | February 2, 2019

But is it really reading?

Last year, I discovered that I quite enjoyed audiobooks. Since July, I have listened to 17.

I started with memoirs, read by the author. Hearing the author pronounce names, put accents on family and friends, sing bits, brings the memoir to life.

Jimmy Barnes’ Working Class Boy and Magda Suzbanski’s Reckoning hooked me. Listening to comedians Kitty Flanagan and John Cleese read their memoirs was like being in a stand-up gig. I moved onto non-fiction and fiction.

I spend a large part of my morning in traffic. A trip that takes 12 minutes without traffic, normally takes 35 minutes and can regularly take 40 minutes. I was sick of trying to avoid ads and find songs I liked on the radio. Listening to dumb comments by commercial radio presenters and talk-back made me angry and tense.

With the audiobook on not only do I not care about the traffic, I actually want the lights to go red and the highway to be crowded. I get to hear more of my audiobook.

But there’s the rub! Audiobook. Is it really a book? Can I really count it as reading?

Mr Sans says no, it is not reading. And I haven’t read the books.

I feel like a fraud adding these to my Goodreads account.

What do you think?