The sea was angry that day, my friend

What’s more iconic about being a Sydneysider than going to the beach?

It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours – a swim, a walk, a laze on the sand with a book. I don’t like to stay for too long – my fair skin doesn’t like it. Sometimes I think the drive just isn’t worth it.

And what to do when the beach is closed?

North Curl Curl can be pretty rough at the best of the times. Deep currents and wild surf last weekend meant the beach was closed.

No point sitting in the sun on the sand if you can’t cool off in the waves!

So we walked up the track on the headland. Despite coming to this beach several times every year for ages, I can’t recall the last time I walked up the headland to the ocean pool. If ever.

On seeing the obelisk, I asked Mr S if he knew what it was – after all he surfed at this beach almost daily as a youngster. Nup. Further on there was a sign. Great, that’ll stop Mr S exploring too close to the edge of the cliff.

Cobber = Old Australian slang for mate

Down the stairs, we found a great spot in the shade of the cliff. The photo doesn’t give depth, but it was as if we were in the midst of the waves. We could see the surfers take off.

The ocean pool was so refreshing – and quite thrilling when big waves hit the side of the pool. I didn’t capture some of the biggest ones, but you can see the spray tower over the people.

I did hope we wouldn’t face a repeat of the Tassie incident! That’s always in the back of my mind when I’m near big waves with only one way out.

It was definitely worth the drive – even if the beach was closed. The fresh scent of the ocean. The clean and tingly skin after a swim.


13 thoughts on “The sea was angry that day, my friend

  1. One thing we don’t have is ocean pools! That would be a nice option sometimes. Everyone here seems to be a storm chaser, going to the beach to see the rough surf whenever the weather is bad. Lots of accidents 😦

    • We have quite a lot of ocean pools. And harbour pools. They’re a Sydney thing. And they’re free.

      I think people don’t storm chase here. More a case of batten down the hatches. And pray the hailstones don’t damage your car and a tree doesn’t fall on your house.

  2. Gorgeous. You know that living in Sydney with real surf beaches has made me slightly embarrassed about our flat Melbourne bay beaches. Although a dip anytime is great. I love the Sydney thing of ocean pools. We had an all-women one just blocks from our apartment in Coogee. 🙂

  3. Whilst you bathing in the sunshine we probably had the snow here – but it is getting warmer and the last few days we have had sunshine but nothing that would make me go outside without my coat on. The Tassie incident sounded frightening.
    PS Had to skip your previous post with the reptile picture – my phobia is too great!! Hope I didn’t miss any major news.

    • Was it the snake or the lizard that freaked you. I don’t mind the lizard except every time he pops out in front of me I scream. Although I don’t fear him, it’s more the shock. He runs aways and won’t bite. The snake. I won’t risk it.

      • I only saw a lizard come up on the photos in my reader but snakes are far worse – I would have closed my computer down for a snake!!
        My phobia gets worse over the years – I don’t mind anything with fur or feathers even rats.

      • Yep I remember that one too – I read up to the snake then freaked!!! if I am reading a magazine and turn the page to a snake the whole magazine is usually thrown across the room boomerang style in an uncontrollable automatic response (that is why I never read one in the dentist waiting room – just in case – I wouldn’t want to decapitate anyone). It is a bit hard to throw a computer – I usually slam the lid down and call for DH to get rid.
        Do you not have any nice cuddly Koalas out there just for me??

      • That is an extreme response. Makes my squealing look tame.

        Ring-tail and brush-tail possums are the closest I can give you to cuddly.

        Where do sit on flying foxes (also known as bats)?

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