Archive | February 22, 2019

Mini challenges; big goals

I like setting myself mini-challenges. Some are just for fun; some are to see if I can do the particular challenge; some are part of the plan to achieve my big goals.

Last year I did 100 day alcohol free. (Not for me some wussy 30 day challenge!) It was easy and I actually went longer than the hundred days.

Then I challenged myself to go without cling wrap. Which means the whole house has to go cling wrap free. They’re not as enthusiastic as me about it. But tough.

As to BIG plans, I have a six step plan to retirement which may take 11 years:

  1. Travel to Germany in 2019
  2. Have a year off in 2021 and spend 3 months of that year in the UK
  3. Pay off my mortgage
  4. Do renos on the house – new kitchen, new bathroom, new back wall and verandah, paint the house inside and out
  5. Do up front and back yard
  6. Save $200,000 outside of super

Which leads me to 2019 mini-challenges!

Mini-challenge 1: In working toward the year off and having work done on the house, I want to empty and sort the garage. So over the next 18 months I will slowly be decluttering and organising in there.

Mini-challenge 2: this is apropos of nothing. Just a spur of the moment thing that seemed like fun. I am going to wear a different dress every day to work and document it here. (I won’t actually be wearing a different dress every day, as when I am working at other sites, I will wear some of my favourite dresses again that I have already worn. But when I’m at the main workplace, I’ll have a different dress until I run out.)

Mini-challenge 3: I am going to plant out the little garden in front of my front fence and tame the jungle around my pool.

Of course, I’m keeping myself busy with other things. I will do all the plans and bookings for Germany myself. That’ll keep me busy this year alone.

I’m also keeping up my French lessons. And, of course, I work full-time. (The dress mini-challenge gives a fun twist to the daily grind.)

Do you have any mini-challenges? Or a retirement plan?