Archive | February 24, 2019

Ned Kelly vs Edward IV

This is not some weird shark vs crocodile or Superman vs Spider-Man kind of battle.

Actually, the use of versus was more of a subeditor dramatic choice.

It’s really more of an “and”.

In both my obsessions and reading/viewing around the topic, these two men have a complex mix of strong positive personal morals and evilness.

Add in manliness and handsomeness.

Oh wait, that’s Max Irons (Jeremy Irons and SinĂ©ad Cusack’s son) playing Edward. Irons also plays him as such a jolly, boyish character. I love that verve.

Not quite so dashing in the original representation, though his wife, Elizabeth, holds her own, even with that big forehead with a receding hairline that was seen as attractive in medieval times, so that they plucked their foreheads.

There’s a good article on the different representations of Ned in film, with a new one due out soon.

Ned and Edward: a strange mix of fighting and killing for personal gain, and fighting for some greater good; being honourable and murdering in cold blood.

Look at them one way, you see one thing. Look another way …

There are key differences, of course. Ned bedded far fewer women. And there’s the king/son of convict thing.

Different eras, countries and social class aside, there’s just rollicking good narratives in both stories. Power, politics, betrayal, romance, courage, horse riding.