Archive | February 26, 2019

Frock it

I love dresses.

They’re so much easier to wear than skirts and tops. No worrying about what matches. Easier to get dressed. Often more comfortable – no waist band to cinch an expanding tummy or induce sweat in the heat and humidity of Sydney summers. Dresses drape more elegantly.

I’m a sucker for a dress.

Several years ago, I started writing posts on my dresses. I aimed to catalogue all my dresses. I only got around to posting two. Others sat in draft mode, waiting for photos that never came. Well, the posts are all outdated now. In the intervening five years, my wardrobe and my shape have changed.

My current fav designer is Jacob Ribkoff, a Canadian designer. His designs are wonderful for middle-aged women with curves. And curves, well I have a few.

First challenge of the year: wear a different work dress every day and document the dresses.

Dress one; my new favourite Ribkoff dress. A black number.

This is also a Ribkoff and was my favourite, until replaced by the one above. It’s dark navy blue.

Yes, it’s another Ribkoff. Others prefer the one below to the “rising sun” one. While I like it, the rising sun ranks higher for me. Maybe it’s the fabric, or the feel when it’s on, or the ease of washing the rising sun dress. Maybe it’s the memory of wearing the rising sun dress to a wonderful event: my son’s graduation from his double degree.

I got this Ribkoff at a heavily reduced price. Had to do a little repair but so worth it.

My last Ribkoff. OK, not my´┐╝ last, but the last one I wear as work gear. (Forgot to take a photo at work. Hence the different background. Please excuse the towels – that’s what happens when you have a pool and work 10 hour days,) I love the sleeves; they have a double layer trumpet. And I love the silver around the neck; no need to wear jewellery.

Before I stumbled upon the gorgeousness that is a Ribkoff dress, Phase eight dresses were my love. I discovered them when we travelled to London in 2015, only to find they were in my favourite department store in Australia. How could I have missed them? Made out of stretchy fabric and with a cowl neck, so flattering to people no longer in whippersnapper territory. Unfortunately, the design has shifted and the current style doesn’t suit me. But not to fear, I have Ribkoff.

Anyway, here’s a Phase eight, bought in 2015 and worn in 2019.

Did I tell you I don’t like waist bands? Here’s another without one. Phase eight again.

When one or two is never enough. Same design, same material, different pattern.

Just to vary the mix, a Phase eight dress that isn’t from the same stretchy fabric. This is thinner fabric and has a mock wrap look. The pattern is cute little white cherries on navy.

Nine beautiful dresses. Which one do you like the most?

But wait. There’s more. But they’ll be for another post.