Archive | April 7, 2019

Frock it two

There were lovely dresses galore,

Now here’s a few more!

My micro- goal of wearing all my dresses at least once has worked well. I only have a couple that I haven’t worn. One because it is more for cool weather and another that needs hemming. Here’s the rest of my audit.

I can date this dress with precision. I bought it for Mr Sans’ 40th birthday party. He has just turned 58. Eighteen years later and I’m still wearing it. Have I told you I don’t like waist bands? Well, this is another reason not to have them. You can fit in dresses for a lot longer.

Cut on the bias, for many years this dress was one of my favourites. And you know me. Buy one, buy many. I had this same dress in purple. It was my ABSOLUTE favourite. I wore it until it wore out. Was so see-through, I had to use a slip. OK, I could have tossed it out but I loved it. And I found a purple slip so I got a few more years’ wear. But sadly, it has now passed away.

In the same style by the same designer, David Lawrence, I have this dark navy one. It is slightly older than eighteen years old.

I bought this next dress, mainly because it was so cheap and I bought it at the same time I bought an exxy Ribkoff dress. How does that compute, you ask? Well, it makes it seem reasonable – to get two dresses for the amount. Anyway, I seem to get more random compliments when wearing this dress, even from students. Strange, because I’m not convinced about this dress. A little too low cut for me. And the material, while ruched on the front, is kind of piling. (The dress is also navy. Looks darker in the picture. I do seem to have quite a few navy dresses.)

And another navy dress with little zips as decorative detail. (Why can’t they just put in real pockets? Who doesn’t love a dress with pockets?) This one is a little shorter than my normal length and made of thinner, more clingy material. I usually wear a stretchy slip under it. Still, so practical in that it is wash and wear.

This one is made of similar material. Love the pattern. I also wear a stretchy slip under it. Here’s a hint. Buy one of those Spanx-style slips in many sizes too big. I wear one in a size 18 – in dresses, I’m a 12. Wearing a bigger slip means the slip is firm but not tight.

That’s about it. No more work dresses. I have about the same, maybe more, casual and dressy dresses. My goal is wear out my dresses before we have the year off and then have a smaller wardrobe which I will renew each year.

What would you like to see next? Casual dresses? Work skirts and tops? Soon it will be winter and I could do a coat and cape challenge!