Archive | April 16, 2019

Slow and steady decluttering

Mr S was off grocery shopping. So I ventured into the garage for a second little decluttering adventure.

Quite disgusting down there. No wonder it is known as “The Place I Won’t Go”.

What did I remove?

  • Paint in glass jars from the previous owners. Who puts paint in glass jars? Most can’t be opened. Some were decanted into a tin I could open. Another tin was rusted and the paint inside dried out. The paint in the jars can’t be recycled.
    Lots of rotting rubbish. Plastic bags falling apart. Empty boxes from small kitchen appliances. Broken tiny terracotta pots which I must have bought as Mr S would never have bought them. But I can’t remember buying.
    God knows what else.
    A plastic bucket which went into the laundry.
    Chocolates which he hid down there.
    And shhh! A tea pot and tea cup he got several years ago as a gift. He hid it “down there” because I said I’d regift it. No, he said, he loved it. But he never used it. How does it show you love something if you dump it with rubbish and junk? I’ve moved it to my own hidey hole to regift.

I picked up some bits and bobs from the ground and put them into the cupboard left empty from the removing paint.

Oh dear! This caused distress to Mr S. He went searching for some yoga blocks which he used for exercises.

Turns out some things on the ground are purposely placed.

Yeah, right. If you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

Mr S suffers frequency blindness. That is, things seen all the time are not actually seen. Lost in plain view. On the ground there’s plenty of absolute rubbish. He sees nothing except the few items he uses.

If you ventured down there, you’d not notice any improvement.

But little by little, in 18 months it will be noticeably better.