Archive | April 24, 2019

Paint be gone

It’s gone. It’s all gone. All the old paint.

Monday last week, I roped in my eldest, AKA Dirty Boy, to load up my car.

Then off to the council waste recycling place I went.

OK, it wasn’t that simple and it isn’t quite all gone.

A couple of tins have rusted through and two are leaking. I can’t open the two leaking ones as they are rusted shut. I’m hoping they will dry out. The council says to put empty dry tins into the normal rubbish bin.

Turns out the recycling place doesn’t open on Mondays, so I slowly drove home, unloaded my car, putting my back out in the process.

Last Tuesday I made the second trip in the week to the recycling centre, and yay!!! I got rid of the paint. And a bag of dead batteries. And a computer monitor.

I feel better. There’s still a lot more stuff in the garage to go. But the old paint is gone.

And low and behold, Mr S helped with one small section, around a square metre. All swept and sorted.