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Not a Richard in sight

In the past 8 years, I have been one of the few who hasn’t watched the Game of Thrones thing.

Not so as much as a scene, let alone an episode.

Now that the world is enthralled by the final season, I’m starting out on season 1.

So why now? Why the change?

You know how my current reading and viewing obsession is Wars of the Roses? Well I thought I may as well watch a modern interpretation.


Episode 1:

  • love all the horse riding! (Sent this text to a mad GoT friend and she said “Not the first thing that comes to mind when watching GoT.” But it was mine. What do you think?)
  • The head chopping isn’t frightening or violent because it is so fake.
  • Why is so much of the sex done doggie style? How can the actresses stand be pounded from behind? (This was my second thought. And second text.)
  • Does the boy die? (I know the answer. I googled it. Can’t stand suspense.)

Episode 2:

  • Too many characters with names I couldn’t possibly remember. Reading about the Wars of the Roses, I was bamboozled by the many people sharing the few names – Richards, Henrys and Edwards abounded. Now I can’t remember anyone’s name, except John Snow.
  • Can’t stand suspense, so I’ve read up on the story arcs. I don’t want evil people to live long and prosper. Feel able to watch on knowing that the horrid prince dies.
  • Who is that man? I know his face from somewhere. After googling it, he’s been on so many things, I couldn’t place the one thing I’ve seen him on.

Episode 3:

  • Love the castle. Wonder if it is real or fake.
  • I can see links to some of the Wars of the Roses central people but while WoR May have inspired GoT, GoT isn’t a modern interpretation of WoR.
  • If it is so cold, why don’t they wear anything on their heads?
  • Brother-in-law walked in as I was watching and said it’s called Game of Moans cause of all the soft-porn. Yep, pretty much the case.

I am actually glad I am doing it later. It means I can look up spoilers. Spoilers don’t actually spoil the experience for me. They enhance it. I can relax and enjoy the story without being on tenterhooks. I mean we read history but we largely know what is going to happen when we read about an event. The interest is in the details, the whys, the revelling of character, the interpretations. Not just the plot twists and surprises.

So am I hooked?

I’m enjoying it. I will watch more. But not obsessively.

The above image is taken from this YouTube vid. Interesting and has good overview of the WoR (despite the pronunciation of Warwick as War Wick. Oh and it’s Wars [plural] of the Roses.)