My sweet pea experiment

Sweat peas are on my top 5 favourite flowers.

No, top three.

But only if they have a scent.

I’ve never grown sweet peas because:

  • The thought of growing any flowers from seeds scares me
  • The thought of having to prepare the flower bed is too much like work
  • I’ve never had a suitable bed for annuals in the sun
  • I have too many perennials, Australian native shrubs and trees and camellias, and there is no room
  • My life is too busy and I miss St Patrick’s Day, the traditional sowing day in Australia. Well, before global warming. Now they’ve pushed it back to Anzac Day.
  • I know the snails, possums and birds will cause me heartbreak

This year, I’ve bitten the bullet. Fingers crossed it doesn’t come to naught or I will kill the f’n possums.

First step was reading up on growing these divine things. Thank heavens for the Internet and people who are sweet pea experts.

Next was sourcing seeds of varieties with scent. Sneaky seed suppliers. They don’t say if the flower doesn’t have scent. They also say subtle scent. Is that code for hardly any?

No one stocked the recommended seeds. So I made do with two types: a tall and a short variety.

I rubbed the seeds on sand paper and soaked them overnight.

Then I planted them in pots. Not ideal for the tall ones but this is an experiment. If they take, I might stake out an annual garden bed.

Some people say the seeds are fussy. Don’t water them after planting, they say. So I didn’t.

And look what has come up after a week:

Fourteen weeks till flower time. Stay tuned for updates.

10 thoughts on “My sweet pea experiment

  1. You must defend them against the possums at all costs! I hope they come to fruition. I’ve been following some ‘suburban gardening’ accounts on Insta. They tell me garlic is planted on ANZAC Day and harvested around Cup Weekend. I like easy calendar markers like that.

    Growing things seems like a useful thing to know how to do when the world is going to hell in a handbasket, or so we’re told. Agree that it is hard though, work, snails etc. are Obstacles.

    • Yes. I used to love gardening. Then work took over my life as I got promotions. Then we moved into a bigger block and it became so much maintenance rather than fun.

      I’m looking at little bits of my garden and rediscovering the fun in gardening.

  2. I absolutely adore sweet peas too; and don’t think I’d realised there are ones without scent? I also have not rubbed seeds on sandpaper! They grew tall and high and deliciously scented!

  3. Sweet peas are lovely! I look forward to your updates. On a tangent – my mom has a small collection of Royal Albert Sweet Pea china (dishes) and she is happy I want to inherit them someday 🙂

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