Be micro-ambitious

Have passionate dedication to the pursuit of short term goals.

Taken from Tim Minchin.

Ha, that’s what I do.

Time for an update on my three mini-challenges:

Mini-challenge 1, the garage clean out. The outdated paint is gone. A cupboard has been emptied and now fits painting equipment and the few tins we’ve bought for paint jobs in the last couple of years. No paint sitting on the ground. Still much to go.

Mini-challenge 2, wearing a different dress to work each day. Completed, as documented here and here. I basically only wore dresses to work this year. I might cycle through my dresses again this term. But teamed with jackets and coats.

Mini-challenge 3, plant garden in front of fence and tame jungle around the pool. Front of fence garden completed.

The petals are from our massive camellia shrubs growing over the fence from inside our front yard.

Mini-challenge 1 and 3 will continue and now I’m adding three new mini-challenges:

4. Going to the gym

5. Raising sweet peas

6. Minimising and tracking food waste.

7 thoughts on “Be micro-ambitious

  1. You have a pool?? Wow how lovely to be able to swim each day.
    Your challenges are going well – mine have been abandoned at the moment – the only one I have at home is the Christening dress and here in Scotland, like you, taming the jungle. I only managed the small border by the gate yesterday (about a square metre) – we have almost an acre – quite a bit to go, and with this warm sun and rain the weeds have a head start on me. I love Camellias – the one at home didn’t flower this year (one flower last year) but the one here was abundant as always.
    I am managing to go to Yoga class, though missing today’s class, and I put my sweet peas in the planter before we came away – so if I was following your challenges I would not be doing too badly, although my wardrobe needs a sort out now for summer and I won’t even mention the garage let, alone paint tins!

    • Yes, we have a pool. Which I hardly go in. Such a waste, I know. Pools are quite bad for the environment and the wallet. Mr S goes in most days from about November to April.

      You look to be doing lots. Don’t forget your card making.

      Camellias do really well in Sydney and are very popular. One of my neighbours put in a hedge two years ago. They are flowering gloriously now.

      You plant sweet pea in spring? We have to plant them in autumn so they flower in spring. Summer kills them. Different varieties had to be breed for here. The English varieties didn’t do well here

      • Yes we plant out in late Spring after last of frosty nights and they flower in Summer. I had them for my little bridesmaids laid on flat baskets as if they had just picked them.

  2. I’m seriously impressed that you get anything else done apart from work. You’ve made serious progress in all areas. Has it been relaxing/rewarding or more like a chore you had to knuckle down to do? I love the food goal but it kind of gives me anxiety. Like, tonight I had toast for dinner and some stir fry ingredients are almost past useability in the fridge. All the more reason to tackle it though!

    • Ahhh. But it is only Week 1 here. Check in, in a couple of weeks. Most of the challenges were done doing the hols. The jungle won’t get much attention as I won’t have time with work, gym and French homework.

      It’s been fun and rewarding. I can’t wait until all my time is my own. Gardening. Reading. Watching shows. Fixing up our house. Bushwalking.

      Eat the stir fry tonight!

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