More on my sweet peas adventure

Not all my seeds sprouted. 🙁

But then, guess what?

I went to Bunnings, the mega hardware store, to buy some netting to protect my seedlings from marauding possums and birds, and low and behold there were seedlings.

With wonderful scent. See, it says it here:

So I bought three punnets. To fill out the pot in which the seeds didn’t germinate.

And to fill out the garden in front of the fence. Twenty-two seedlings went in along the fence.

And to put in three hanging baskets. Recycled from some plants I had bought which died. Which I then hung from the broken stool frame. (The broken frame was originally going to be my support for the potted sweet pea until I remembered that I had rescued some frames someone in my neighbourhood had put out for the Council kerbside cleanup. I was planning on growing tomatoes some time but that never eventuated and the frames were stored under the house.) I topped the stool frame with the pot of mint that some creature keeps discovering whenever the mint gets too happy. (It’s currently in its eaten down state. Maybe on the stand it will grow without being attacked! And maybe I should rescue more broken stool frames before they get thrown in the skip?)

If I don’t get two vases full of flowers, the world is conspiring against me.

Stay tuned for more sweet pea updates.

Fun fact about sweet peas: as part of the legume family, they take nitrogen from the air. When the flowering is finished, dig them into the soil and they will improve the soil quality for years to come. Nitrogen is good for plant growth.

8 thoughts on “More on my sweet peas adventure

  1. If all those plants flower I will be smelling sweet peas from here! So good luck with them, because I love the scent of them too. ☺️ The bar stool frame is a very cunning idea.

  2. You might get a bit heady when they all flower – it might be considered an illegal substance!!
    What a clever idea with the stool frames. I cheated and bought my sweet pea plants ready made – I seem to remember that the seeds might do better soaked in water before planting (or I could have just made that up – I will have to Google that fact now).

  3. Ooh! I love your stool frame/hanger rig up! Imagine the overflowing gorgeousness when they bloom.

    Very interested to hear about the soil properties from the end-product. A win in every way!

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