Archive | May 9, 2019

My worm garden

When we first moved into this house, I bought a worm farm.

After a while, well let’s just say, the worms got hungry. “Have you fed the worms?” Oh bugger. No.

After a couple of years, they moved out of their home. Well, that’s what I like to think.

Just over a year ago, I bought a new worm farm. This one incorporates a garden. Both the garden and the worms are doing well.

Why is this worm farm doing well when I neglected to dispose of my kitchen matter in the previous farm?

Convenience: The worm garden is in a convenient place – easy to access.

Look: The worm garden is more attractive so I can leave it in a convenient place in the front yard where I walk past it every day. The old farm was an ugly black box that needed to be raised off the ground so we used milk crates. Ugly. Not something you want front and centre. So I hid it behind a shrub in the back yard where it was out of sight and mind. The new worm farm looks more of a pot with plants growing in it.

It’s a garden! Having plants around it, makes it an interesting object. I point it out to visitors. They’re always interested. The worm farm helps the plants grow. Some plants have done well. The chives are very happy. I haven’t done well with coriander. The chilli plant have given us some chillies.

Moveable: The work farm is light enough to move around, which Mr S does when he mows the lawn. And we move it depending on the plants’ need for sunlight.

We will plan to buy a couple more.

It means less green kitchen waste going into the bin. Given that the tower is small, the worm garden can only take a small handful of waste a day, so two farms should handle our output.

Here’s the supplier: Composta

Currently my basil is dying down. The chives continue to flourish. They have the advantage that the possums don’t like them. There is also a chilli plant and if you look, you can see a chilli resting on the chives.

I will pull out the basil soon and try to grow some mini-rocket.