Archive | May 16, 2019

Australian sparkling wine

I’m partial to a glass of sparkling wine.

I have no memory for names.

Combined, these two facts mean when I go into a bottle shop (what we Aussies call a purveyor of alcohol, cause hey! it comes in bottles) I never remember what I liked, loved, put up with or disliked.

Today I had a brainwave: I have a blog. I can review my purchases and the review will live here for me.

Today’s drink: Stirling Vineyards Pinot Noir Chardonnay Adelaide Hills NV

Frankly, I was attracted by the discount. Half-price! At $28 a bottle full price, one would expect a very nice drop. So let’s give it a go and hope that it didn’t have to be heavily discounted because it wasn’t good.

And I am a sucker for packaging. I love the silver cover.

On opening: nice apple scent.

First mouthful: very little bubbles. And a nice piquancy. Not too sweet. Not too dry.

Opinion: quaffable. Not sure I’d pay $28. At $14, I could stock up.