My new worm garden

Look what turned up!

My second worm garden.

First step: put it together.

Put some gravel around the drainage hole to stop soil washing out.

Next: add soil in the bowl, around the worm tower home. It doesn’t have to be good soil because the worm wee will add nutrients. I didn’t have enough potting mix so dug a little bit from my garden and used the soil from four pots of plants that died of thirst.

I threw in the paper bag the gravel came in with the worm garden kit into the tower. The worms will eat it.

Here come the worms! I don’t need to buy any. First I grabbed some of the vegetable matter that was in top of the worms in the old tower. Then I just grabbed some out of my existing worm colony. (Done the bottom of the first tower there was some amazing compost – AKA worm castings. I will have to investigate getting it out and using it some time.)

Water the soil and pop the lid on.

Now what shall I plant in here? Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “My new worm garden

  1. It looks great! How about mixed salad greens? Or winter bulbs?

    This reminds me that I have to get cracking and get my own work farm…

    • I went to Bunnings. They didn’t have what I wanted. The veggies they had would be too big so I bought Vietnamese mint and lemon grass. Hope the mint survives possums so we can use it in stir fries.

      • We have Vietnamese mint in a tiny planter box in our courtyard. It seems to be very hardy against heat, rain, possums etc.!

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