Aldi champagne

Today’s sparkling drink came courtesy of Mr S. He’d gone to Aldi for some pants and came back with sparkling wine, except it gets to call itself champagne because it comes from there. Erpeney no less.

Champagne Veuve Monsignor Brut Selection NV

Cost: at the top of my everyday drinking range at $21. Exxy when you say it is Aldi. But cheap if you want to say you’re drinking champagne.

On opening: opps. It was warm and bubbled over. Yeasty and fresh scent.

First mouthful: Smokey yeasty, in the French tradition. Not sweet.

Opinion: definitely drinkable. I’d buy it again.

Here’s how Casey from The Travelling Corkscrew reviewed the wine. Clearly she writes about wine a lot. I’m going to have to up my adjectives and noun groups.

 Well, it’s a sparkling golden colour on the eye with tiny streams of mesmerizing relaxing bubbles gliding up from the bottom of the glass. On the nose, I picked up hints of vanilla oak, fresh grapefruit and just out of the oven biscotti. In the mouth, it’s smooth and easy drinking with a kick of smooth oak at the back and some slightly toasted lemon and orchard fruit notes. Value for money.

9 thoughts on “Aldi champagne

  1. ‘Mesmerising bubbles’ has actually mesmerized me; now I want to do a quick Thurs night run to Dan’s (or Aldi.) Not cheap for an Aldi wine. They have some good picks though!

  2. Casey sounds delusional with those descriptions. Yours is far more realistic. No mention though of fizzing up your nose, or burp rating – perhaps you could incorporate these rankings.

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