Treating the weekend like a holiday

I often spend my weekends resting and preparing for the working week.

How stuffed is that!!!

Rather than free time, it becomes more time tied to work. Washing and ironing clothes for work. Shopping and preparing meals for the week ahead. Other household chores that we just don’t have time for during the week because work eats the whole week.

This weekend I treated the two days like a holiday. OK, that was more by chance than planning, but both days were not tied to preparing for work.

I spent Saturday in the city.

and Sunday in the country.

It’s late, and I’ve had a big weekend so I will share my adventures with you in future posts.

How do you spend your weekends? Having fun? Doing household chores? Working? Preparing for work? Resting and recovering?

5 thoughts on “Treating the weekend like a holiday

  1. I totally acknowledge that feeling. It’s like life circles around being able to keep your head above water for a working week. I remember Dar once posting about her and Rom waking one night and going to the kitchen and in my head thinking “id just roll over and try to sleep cause it’s a work night”.

    It is a PLEASURE to have had a few months with no sense of foreboding related to the working week!

  2. Now I can’t wait for you to post about what you got up to!

    Yes…re: work. Hence my post on food prepping!

  3. We’ve reached soccer season, so our weekends are half accounted for.

    This weekend we plan on finishing off some steps we’ve replaced out the back. We’ve been waiting for the last bit to be ordered in. I think we will pick it up in the morning and get it finished before soccer!

    • Mr S did the soccer season with our boys. I just couldn’t get up in the cold and spend all that time on the sidelines. I did it when they We very little and the games over in 30 to 40 minutes. Not 40 min sides.

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