Fitness Week 6 – can you see a difference?

So I’ve been exercising for six weeks. “Can you see a difference?” I ask lots of people.

Mr S, “Definitely!” And he demonstrates how my waist goes in.

People at work give varied responses. From a hesitant, “Mmm, yes. Can you?” To, “Yes, you are more toned around your thighs.”

And me, do I notice a difference?

I can wear high heels again at work and walk around in them and not suffer.

I am stronger and have more stamina and a quicker pace on my usual walk.

My legs feel slimmer, and more toned. My butt firmer.

But my waist doesn’t feel slimmer. I still have back rolls and a wibbly belly. My skirts are still too tight and my breasts ginormous.

I have to face it. I need to change my diet.

Saturday: even after my big Saturday – French lessons, lunch in city, theatre – I still went to the gym. I warmed up with a 10 min walk and jog (yes I jogged, though only three of the ten minutes was jogging, but still.) Weights on the machines. Not enough abdominals, actually really nothing, but I realised I am too fatigued to do stomach work after all the other exercises.

Tuesday’s with Olga. Before the PT session, I warmed up with a 10 min walk and jog with four jogging sessions this time. I asked Olga if we could start with abdominal exercises as I’m always too fatigued by the end to do them. So we started with them. I always say be careful what you wish for. Oh ah ow. Olga pushes me in a way I’d never do.

Thursday: yoga was lovely as usual but either it was the particular pose or my back was ready to go with all the sitting I did that day, but I had a little spasm. It sent the message and I didn’t continue with the pose. Now maybe it is a sign that I am getting stronger but I didn’t have any problems with my back after the class.

Not enough walking this week. The wind has been crazy and I hate walking around my suburb with all the trees in the wind. And it has been cold, and then there’s work. And it was my birthday.

Friday: big walk. We didn’t do our usual walk. There was back burning in the bush near where we walk and the track was closed. So we walked the other way, across the highway which normally acts better than a Trump Wall to stop the two sides mixing. There’s bush tracks over there too. We had to hurry before the sun set as the track was difficult enough without it being dark. We went up hill and down dale. Despite being only 13°, I worked up a sweat. I was puffing and felt my butt working.

Now, am I up to changing my diet? I will think about it over a Friday drink.

The sun setting through the smoke. Later, while on our walk, the sun was bright red but I didn’t have my phone.

18 thoughts on “Fitness Week 6 – can you see a difference?

  1. Happy Birthday! Ugh, I have discovered, via years of experimentation that exercise is great for fitness, strength and toning but doesn’t do a thing for weight, unless you have time or inclination to exercise to extremes.. eating less is key. Sigh. Especially after reaching a certain age. Sigh. So tedious.

    • Thank you, Jo. No time or inclination to exercise to extremes.

      I was talking with other “its” at work, ie women no longer producing hormones. We’ve all got bigger. Bugger. I want my hormones back.

  2. It is amazing how you do notice differences after just a litle exercise. I have been to Yoga now for a few weeks – it is a very gentle yoga too but already I notice myself sitting up straighter and the weird muscle in my inside upper arm is starting to calm down and act like a normal muscle.
    I need to revise our diet – I try to eat moderately as I know when I have eaten too much as my Thyroxin does not cope and food stays undigested in my stomach for ages (your thyroid is responsible for the speed of digestion – I don’t have one) so I am always careful not to stuff myself or I know I will be awake all night – but I hate food waste too!
    The walking you do is accumulative so will bring you lots of benefits over the course of a few months.

    • I think the gentle yoga is also calming on the mind as well as weird muscles.

      I always think of the food waste issue: if you’re eating it up to avoid waste, you’re actually wasting it anyway cause you don’t want it and don’t need it. And you are actually spending more than the cost of food wasted. It’s costing your health and you’re adding to the cost of your health care.

      My problem is I just like grazing all day.

  3. Definitely find diet is about 80% of weight control but exercise is the only thing that tones me, so gotta manage both… as I have my last oversized macron in Paris and know on Sunday morning I’ll be at the gym

  4. Fires are a plague but don’t they make for pretty skies?

    It’s so dreary having to exercise. But I bet it’s not just ‘toning’ and those kinds of differences, but also proprioception and prevention of all kinds of ills, from future back pain to knee issues to posture to whatever. But not sure the exercise itself helps slimness. Sadly, I think the diet changes are the only thing that work for that. I go through fits of ‘fasting’ which I love and it’s the only thing that tries to help me.

  5. I would say that feeling toned and having more stamina from exercise are good enough things to focus on at the moment.
    Happy Birthday! Enjoy the drink.

    • Oops! …I cut back on food for a day or two first, otherwise I feel too sluggish to move! It’s great you can do 4 jogging sessions! I can do one 6-min session (1 km); I think I did 2 km a couple of times but not recently 🙂 I think exercise is all about how you feel and what you can do in day-to-day life. Plus the de-stressing it generates.

      • Definitely de-stresses. It mindful as you just think about the exercise you’re doing, not all the other stuff that needs doing.

        Cut back on food. Mmm?

  6. Jogging! Well, I’ll be. I would expect immediate weight loss after that.
    Great pics of the hazard reduction. Don’t you think you’d better pass on your tips to Donald about the easiest way to separate the masses? I nearly snorted my muesli when I read that line. Fabulous.

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