The yucky place

I went down to the garage yesterday to try a little more decluttering and rubbish disposal while Mr S was out.

I know I said I’d put up some photos so you can see before and after but I can’t. I just can’t. It’s not only cluttered; it’s plain filthy.

Mr S has already put stuff back into the place I decluttered. But I ignored that.

I looked to another bit. Mr S won’t throw away anything he has ever owned. He has two old bags he used for work. He is using a new backpack but he tossed the old ones in a pile of shit, well for you know. Just in case. Just in case when the current one dies, he has a spare. But he’ll just buy a new one and put the current one on top. It’s really that he can’t be bothered AND he can’t let anything go.

I went through the two bags. Found over $120 in coins. And about $50 in NZ notes. (I know he’ll claim it is secret money for emergencies but who has time to wade through piles of shit in an emergency?)

Then I sorted through the pile of alcohol. Much of it in gift bags that were rotting away – it’s damp down there. Mr S gets lots of gifts. People like him. All that is nice. They buy him alcohol, knowing he likes a drink. But like all of us, he has his own taste and a lot of what he receives, he doesn’t drink. Bottles of port, whiskey, arrack, rum, Guinness, sparkling wine (how did that one not make it to me, you ask. Cause Mr S just piles his gifts in those reusable shopping bags and empty beer cartons), wine, more whiskey, bourbon. He won’t let me regift it, but shhh, I gave two bottles to The Dreamer to give as a gift to a friend of his. You know, I’d rather people didn’t give Mr S gifts. Maybe I should get the message out that he likes sparkling wine. Then I could drink it and we’d have no clutter and save money. (Hint hint, Top Chook!)

OK, it is not all his. I found half a dozen bottles of wine I bought before I stopped drinking white wine. God knows if they are still drinkable. Won’t be me that tries.

Piles of empty, torn beer cartons and gift bags went into the recycling. And a heap of rubbish went into the bin. The alcohol I salvaged has come upstairs. I will dole it out to the offspring or regift or remind Mr S to drink rather than buying more.

Honestly if it doesn’t get drunk, and our house caught on fire, the arson squad would be called ’cause the firies would think we’d poured on accelerant.

Some of the bottles I salvaged

14 thoughts on “The yucky place

  1. I’m just hugely impressed that the alcohol lasts long enough to become a flammable arsenal!! And the coin haul! That’s awesome. When I declutter and find coin hauls it goes through the coin machine at the local bank and either into my share account or into J’s long-term savings. You’ve reminded me to do a coin-machine visit!

    • Mr S has moved the coins to another secret hidey space. Truely, he’s like those senile grandparents who hide money around the house. I have no idea where it is. But he has several spots. If he house burns, we’d lose it all. And if he dies, I will have to go through every box and bag and bucket in which he drops his shit.

  2. This is also why I hate giving gifts. The thought of them not being used! I hate waste.

    I’ve had great success freecycling those bottle shaped gift bags. Cause of course when I DO bring a bottle of wine, I never think “it needs a bag”. It’s usually a “bring to drink” rather than a gift gift.

    • I love gifts- both the giving and receiving. I do not really care what happens to the gift after I give it and I often regift things given to me. What I like is the surprise and that someone thought of me and, in giving, I make them feel special.

      I am turning the wine bags into gift wrap. Cutting them down to size.

  3. Hmm, I would be quite pleased to find money and drinks that had been forgotten – far better than the obsolete electronics and ancient computer books around here – but I’m glad you got to tidy up all the packaging. Rom has a couple of messenger bags that he deems too good to use! What a waste to see them in the closet.

    • That is a positive way to look at it. Though we have our fair share of obsolete things. Yes, I do hate the “too good to use” or “saving for good” concept. If they are too good to use, could one be donated to a charity shop?

  4. My son went on a cleaning frenzy one day – all sorted in less than an hour. Fairly easy, really, when you just throw everything into a few garbage bags – new clothes with tags, weights, books and a wooden bowl filled with 5 and 10 cent pieces. And no, not sorted for a future home or recycling – these were heading to the bin, until I was alerted to the strange assortment by the bag bursting as I attempted to lift it.

  5. Sounds like you need to have a big party – it is only a few posts back that I was worried about having to buy in more of a variety of drink for our friends when we host a get together as they have all started drinking different things from Gin to craft beers. At one time we could just buy a box of white and one of red wine – then we had to add in a box of the fashionable Rose but now we find we are having to get a wide range of stuff to satisfy everyone.
    My son-in-law collects old bags in the same way! Annoying for my daughter as they have a tiny house and the last thing you need is a pile of old bags in the corner just in case.

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