Archive | June 3, 2019

Utilitarian birthday presents

Mr S and I have a favourite lunch when we go on picnics. Hard-boiled eggs, sliced, on fresh bread rolls, preferably damper or baps, with mayo, salt and lettuce.

We won’t have eggs mashed up. No. No way. Yuck. Too mushy. Too gluggy. Eggs have to be sliced. Why Aussies mash the eggs, I don’t know.

Our egg slicer died and we had difficulties finding a replacement. Cutting with a knife just isn’t the same, but we’d been making do for several years. Every time we’d pack for a picnic, we’d remember we wanted an egg slicer.

The day before my birthday last week, I asked Mr S if I had a small surprise to go with the big gift which I already knew about.

“Just you wait,” he said. Which told me there was a surprise.

Come the morning, my surprise was still in the box that it had been mailed in. And inside was the bubble wrap. And inside that was this:

An egg slicer. Made in Germany. Metal. Each strand individually tensioned.

I love it. I love that it shocks people when they ask what I was given.

So two questions:

  • Where do you stand on utilitarian gifts?
  • Do you slice or mash your eggs for egg rolls or sandwiches? And why?