Archive | June 11, 2019

Fitness Week 7 – Just add water

Exercise doesn’t feel like routine. I know I could easily stop. Except I would feel guilty. How can I not give my body what it needs?

So I am keeping on keeping on.

But I am not quite ready to change my eating habits.

So in the vein of trying to make some changes, I will drink more water.

OK, I’m clutching at straws. But it might help?!? It might wash away my sins?

Saturday: I drank a litre of water. Not counting all the tea I drank.

Did my usual walk. The track had signs saying it was closed due to back burning. (What has I written before ignoring portents?) But Mr S assured me it is open and there is a man at a fork in the track, stopping people entering the area where the back burning is taking place. Here’s some photos from yesterday’s back burning.

Sunday: went to gym. Did 10 min walk/jog and weights.

Didn’t drink a litre.

My walk/jog and heart rate table

Monday: no exercise. Brrr. Cold snap came through.

Drank a litre of water.

Tuesday: Olga was on form pushing me with humour.

Did I drink a litre? I can’t remember.

Thursday: yoga was mindful. The teacher said, “Way to go Olga,” several times as I am now able to take and sustain the harder options.

Friday: as proof I should write down what exercises I do straight after doing them, I can’t remember even if I had a walk.

Same with drinking water. I know I haven’t been very consistent in drinking. And I haven’t recorded it. Maybe I should take a leaf (or card) out of Laura’s book and use cards to actually physically tally when I have a glass? It may prompt me as well as keep track? My wee this morning is telling me I need to drink more water!!!