One Friday night, a friend and I were chatting while watching TV in our own homes. Which is the best way to watch TV, her in her home, me in mine, as we have very different tastes in TV shows.

Our chat turned to middle aged thoughts, as my friend had found a Twitter hashtag that made her guffaw.

Here’s some of my middle-aged thoughts.


Going to the pub for fries and a drink and leaving within an hour; sounds like enough going out on a Friday night


Breezy outside. Better put on my cardie

And my friend’s #middleagedthoughts:

No wonder you’re cold; you’re not wearing a singlet

So what’s your middle-aged thought?

And do you wear singlets? I’m a no with them. If it’s cold put a jacket on. I stopped wearing singlets the moment my mother stopped dressing me.

11 thoughts on “#middleagedthoughts

  1. So much the perfect way to do TV. I do that too. Messaging friends and chatting while we watch in our own homes.

    Singlets? Nope. I do wear camis though.

    My son tells me the most middle aged thing I do is to laugh about memes, then quote them to other people slightly wrong.

    Like I said last week, “Talk to my Timbs” instead of “Tell it to my Timbs”. Lol!

      • You need to search “Oh Sh*t! A spider” on YouTube. Then have a younger person explain it. It still won’t make sense, but you will begin to call a spider a “spa”!

  2. #middle aged thoughts

    this outfit will still look fine with my comfy shoes

    only going outside to the compost bin, OK to wear my bathrobe

    arrived at the theatre early, good thing I brought my book

    band comes on at 10 pm – are you kidding, that’s past my bedtime

    I can’t believe you paid 4.99 for that, it was on at Giant Tiger for 3.49!

    Worst middle-aged thing I do is try to find exact change when I make a small purchase – for the sake of people in the line behind me, I have switched to tap-card for everything!

  3. I do have a habit of wearing singlet tops (nice ones, that I’d wear alone) under long sleeved button up tops in winter. I also often grab a cardi or a jacket. The BF used to be a pain about cardis, saying they were daggy. Thanks – but I don’t wanna be cold.

  4. Ah well, I passed @middle-agedthoughts a while back..now I’m closer to @geriaticthoughts. If I could remember any of them, that is. 🙂

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