Fitness Week 8 – exercising when routines are changed.

A long weekend and then a three day work conference put up some challenges to my exercise routine. Did I stick at it?

I nearly missed a gym session on the long weekend. But I knew I couldn’t start skipping sessions. I have to do this for my health. I felt a little guilty when it looked like I’d missed my second session. So seems I’ve absorbed the expectation that I will do this.

Saturday: After French lessons, I was exhausted. So I had a midday nap of two hours. Then I went for a walk.

Sunday: Nothing. Spent the afternoon with a friend at a geranium nursery and cafe and then visiting her father’s property to get some cuttings. Came home, tired. But with this beautiful plant:

Monday: Did the usual walk. And found this massive, perfectly formed leaf among the autumn droppings.

Then, feeling guilty that I missed my second weights session of the week, and knowing I would miss Tuesday’s PT session as I’d be at a conference, I went to the gym.

Tuesday: walk along Manly Beach, the venue of the conference. No Olga today as I am away from home and the day and evening schedule is full with work conference stuff.

Wednesday: dawn walk along the beach. Just looking at this photo lowers my blood pressure.

Thursday: last day of conference so last dawn walk. I am very lucky to get to walk in such a beautiful place. A walk in the pre-dawn light, watching the sun rise, is a wonderful, centring way to start the day. I wish I could do it in my own area. And I wish my working day, and Sydney traffic, allowed it.

Then, as I wasn’t at work to go my yoga lesson, I went to a Body Balance class in the afternoon. The instructor was fun. I feel bad because I’m unlikely to go as I normally do yoga and the instructor may think I didn’t enjoy her class.

Friday: I was all set to go to the gym for my weekly PT session which I moved due to the work conference. Then my trainer called in sick. I worked back and then went home and collapsed on my bed. Read, watched TV and had a couple of drinks. Even if my trainer wasn’t sick, I don’t think Fridays at the gym will work for me. I’m always too tired to do much on a Friday.

9 thoughts on “Fitness Week 8 – exercising when routines are changed.

  1. The flower photo is amazing!

    Ah that explains your Manly pics on FB.

    I think this is why I work out on mornings, it’s just too easy to get tired out… But the alarm is a punish!

  2. Wow! Autumn leaves – stunning. Sydney’s beaches are just amazing. As gorgeous as the photos are, they still don’t do it justice. Just one of the world’s amazing places, with those ocean beaches and stunning cliffs backing onto an amazing city.

    Hey! I get to come up in August on a school camp! Really looking forward to a Sydney fix.

    Great work on the fitness stuff. You are winning the mind battle to get out and do it. More than I have done as this term wound on. Friday Fitness though…just no! 🤣😂

    • A camp to Sydney? In the city? Quite unusual for one of the two main cities to do a school visit. Can’t imagine Sydney schools would visit Melbourne. I watched Escape from the City and a Melbourne woman was looking around the Victorian High Country. The mystery house was in Albury and the woman said she hadn’t thought of it because it was in NSW. Why is the border such a mental border too. But I digress from the topic…

      Know my limits. Friday fitness is a no!

      • Ah…but Sydney = Botany Bay, white settlement, convict history etc. I’m so excited. We’re staying one night in The Rocks and doing some historical stuff. Then a night camping on Cockatoo Island – yay yay!! Super excited! Oh and Opera House etc.

      • That does sound exciting. I think it was use of word camp instead of excursion that threw me. You’d have to visit Hyde Park barracks. Pinch Gut is interesting but you’ll probably not go there. One of the few Martello towers. On your stroll around The Rocks, if you go past the pub, The Hero of Waterloo, you can tell the kids that there are tunnels leading from the cellar to the harbour. They used to shanghai drunks, who’d wake up on a ship at sea.

        Of course, you’ll tell your kids that the only reason The Rocks still exists is that unions took Green Bans. They refused to knock down buildings, took environmental industrial action. Action that would see them fined tens of thousands now for taking action not related to their work. But because of the unionists, who made a stand against alleged “progress” and property development and money, we have kept a link with our past and have the premier tourist destination that makes lots of $$$. Thank heavens for people of conscience and unions.

      • I didn’t know that background! Thank you, we do a lot of walking and a walking tour so we will hopefully learn more. Sadly and foolishly Hyde Park Barracks isn’t on the agenda this year. I’ve been there before and suggested to organisers to put it in for next year. How cool about The Hero of Waterloo!

        Our ‘camping’ on Cockatoo Island is in the ‘glamping’ tents, but appropriate to Grade 5s. And having seen them, they’re just tents with camp stretchers. But how cool – they can camp in full view of the Harbour Bridge! Not many cities in the world where you can camp smack-bang in the middle of a Harbour, in the middle of the city! The kids can’t understand why I’m so excited, but they will see!

  3. I totally agree with you about no Friday fitness. Before I retired, and even now after a week of taking care of my 5 year old grandson (regular daycare provider on holiday this past week), the idea of doing anything by the end of the day on Friday simply wasn’t/isn’t feasible. Just. Too. Exhausted.

  4. Fitness AFTER work on a Friday? I should say not. Barely functional on Friday evenings. But still do weekday mornings. I had a disrupted schedule last week and couldn’t get to the gym so took daily walks instead and it turned out fine. I don’t know if I would fare as well as you did in an unfamiliar place and routine!

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