Archive | June 19, 2019

A fine head of hair*

*shallow post warning. This post is on hair and appearances. If you want something deep, click away. If you are offended by judgey comments, click away.

I spend quite a bit on my hair. Every four to seven weeks, I visit the hairdresser. Streaks, root colour touch up and trim.

In between visits, I don’t do much. I can’t use a hair dryer or straightener or curling wand to style my hair. I am “challenged” in the hair styling department. I end up looking like a mess. But to be fair to my lack of skills, even hairdressers are challenged by my fringe which, when directed which way to go by a blast of hot air and a styling brush, rebels and sticks straight out. Also, my hair looks like it has been straightened when all I have done is combed it. Of course that means when curled, the curls last a few hours, then it is straight. Except if frizzed. Crimping after plaits can last all day. Why isn’t that in anymore? Oh yes. Because it is unattractive.

I’ve attempted all manner of styles and colours. Spiral perm. Fringe. No fringe. Bob. Long. Blonde. Brown. Pink. Purple. Strawberry blonde. Burgundy.

When I grow my hair out, the repeated bleaching is more evident. The hair becomes brittle and frizzy.

Some people are blessed with hair that doesn’t need much help. Thick, flowing locks. Or thick, wavy locks. Or thick head of curls.

The key is thick.

I have always had thin hair. If I didn’t get it cut and coloured frequently, I’d look very unkempt. Tired and worn out. Ugly even.

The other key is uniformity. People who have embraced the silver, usually have a uniform spread of salt and pepper. I have patches of white, as if my hair has gone albino in spots. Then I have a grey sprinkled among black-brown. But not sprinkled nicely.

All those beautiful women who have embraced the silver, also have a natural beauty.

I have a round face. It made me look fat in photos even when I was very skinny.

As I age, I expect my hair to get thinner. My Oma, posthumously nicknamed Oma Kardashian, wore wigs. She said it was to keep her head warm. But come on, in Sydney! She was vain and I’m sure she wore the wigs to hide her thin hair and exposed scalp.

I was at the theatre recently with a friend, who is in her 60s and blessed with thick hair of a uniform silver grey. She can tie it back and look glamorous. We were examining the heads of those in front and below us. (Going to a matinee performance means that the audience is mainly women over 57 so I can see my immediate future.) Dying hair dark makes the scalp more noticeable. I will be like these two women if I don’t do my hair differently.

I think I will embrace the wearing of wigs. It will help in so many ways – my inability to style my hair, my thinning hair, my love of changing my hair style.

In the meantime I will stay with white blonde for the foreseeable future – foils and root touchups.

But I have a secret desire to do this.