Fitness Week 9 – I can’t believe I’m still at it

This is incredible. I’m usually quite good in the walking front but keeping up with the exercise… Well let’s just say, I might binge for a month or two and then stop. It’s been my way for decades.

I’ve hit the two month mark!

Saturday: did the usual walk

Sunday: Hit the gym for a warm up that involved four minutes of jogging and then weights, weights, weights.

Monday: Nothing.

Tuesday: Back to Olga! Just when I’m feeling good about being able to do exercises that I couldn’t do before, she ups the load. I woke on Wednesday with dead legs!

Wednesday: Nothing.

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: Usual walk.

Water: Haven’t been too good.

It’s a fact. It’s routine!

4 thoughts on “Fitness Week 9 – I can’t believe I’m still at it

  1. 2 months!! Definitely a routine! And in the dread of the winter term…that’s a huge achievement. All the education staff I know have been hitting the munchies badly and not exercising at all what with winter colds and flus starting, reports, Naplan, school concerts etc. etc. You’re so much on the downhill run to the term break! You are going to have the best summer look ever at this rate! I sense new dresses in the Spring! 🙂

    • I am definitely firmer. But I am going to have to address my diet. I have some weight to shift. But you know, can’t do it all. Having decent food ready for work involves time. That may be the next challenge. Still haven’t nailed the water consumption.

  2. Bravo!

    As for weight shifting, just wait a decade. Mother Nature (the biatche) likes to shift that weight around in your 60s, but not necessarily off you or in the places of your choosing. Firmer is good.

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