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Where have I been????

Working, working, working.

And in my free time: reading, reading, reading. Quite a lot of books. In the last three months I have not read any blogs and have not posted on my own.

My reading was consuming me so much so that in my list of jobs to do in my last weekend before flying out to Germany, I had at top of the list: finish two books.

Which I did.

At the expense of travel planning. Opps! Left a bit of rushed work at the end.

Regular readers may be surprised to know that I have been consistent with seeing my personal trainer once a week, working out at the gym one more time every week, doing a yoga session most weeks and doin my usual walking routes several times a week.

Dar, when I hear a kookaburra or a cockatoo calling, I think of capturing it for you but they always tease and stop calling when I take out my phone. There have been many times on my usual walk when I am deeply happy and at peace – finding joy in seeing different birds, plants flowering and plants regrowing from the undergrowth burn back.

My other interest – my sweet peas – well, they deserve a post of their own.

So now I am in a different space in so many ways.

View from window of our current apartment.

OK, not the best outlook, but the buildings on the hills show that we’re definitely not in Sydney anymore.

So over the next week I hope to catch up on my blog reading and everyone’s doing. And I will share my current travels.