Sweet pea update

I know. I know. I’m in Germany so how could I possibly know how my sweet peas are doing.

Well, I meant to write this before I left but had no time.

As you may remember back in April I started my sweet pea challenge and updated it in May.

So how did I go?

I was worried I wouldn’t see the blooms before I left for Germany (and I knew they wouldn’t be there on my return. In fact I’d be lucky to see any plants survive my sons’ lack of care.)

I was exuberant on the first buds, overjoyed when they opened and proud as punch with my first bunch. I ended up with several bunches. And many plants hadn’t flowered yet.

Passers by have paid compliments on my garden! Even stopped to take photos. I have freesias growing wild. And jonquils, lavender, magnolia, geraniums and azaleas. And others whose names I forget.

It’s lovely to give joy to others. (Even if it means using water in the drought.)

I’ve told neighbours to feel free to pick the sweet peas.


  • I know I can grown them in a big pot – the little hanging pots didn’t do so well.
  • I know I can grow them in front of my fence.
  • I know I love them.
  • I know I can grow from seed.
  • The scent is not as I remembered.
  • Seedlings and growing from seed both worked. I got more flowers from the seeds as I grew the standard ones from seed.
  • I will plants sweet pea from seeds next year!

Coming along nicely

Even better

Yes! It’s blooming marvellous

And that’s your bloomin’ lot

8 thoughts on “Sweet pea update

  1. I absolutely love love love sweet peas too. Supposedly their leaves are poisonous- nonetheless I took the risk and grew them alongside edible peas and other items in my veggie patch.

    My past job, the neighbouring school used to grow them along the fence line. It was a lovely treat to catch the train to work and stop to smell the flowers!

  2. That is so lovely. In my Pre-Prep classes today, we just picked flowers, smelt them and talked about them in French! There is something so relateable and happy about a garden bursting with spring flowers!

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