I bought another diary/planner

I have a friend who has banned me from buying anymore planners. She rightly points out, that I have bought quite a few and, importantly, haven’t used them.

She said when I am tempted to buy one I need to phone her and she will stage an intervention.

Well that works when I am walking past kikki k in my local shopping centre. But it’s not so helpful when I am in a book store in German.

Imagine! A massive department store dedicated to books and paper goods! I was in heaven. OK, I couldn’t read most of the material but the children’s pictures books, educational toys and the English language learning books were interesting. Germany seems to have so many book stores. Ours have died – replaced by online purchases or e-books.

(As an aside: level 5 of one English language learning series was on Australia. Mr S says that you can only cope with Australian slang and expressions after studying for four years. Except, of course, it wasn’t on Australian idiom, it was using content about Australia to teach standard English.)

So, back to my planner. Two years ago in France, I bought a French version of guided bullet diary.

Yes, okay, okay. I didn’t really use it. But it only seemed fair I give bullet diary another go. And how better to do so than with a German bullet diary.

I love all the different proformas. My life will be so streamlined. (If only work didn’t get in the way and exhaust me!)

PS: I’m feeling much better. Think I will be back on track in another 24 hours.

12 thoughts on “I bought another diary/planner

  1. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…but this did make me laugh. Especially the bit about feeling better for at least 24 hours. And you will be able to read all your plans to me in German, which will also be amusing if somewhat confusing for me.

  2. I was proud of myself for only coming back with two new notebooks from my trip, both purchased in Musee de Orsay. Of course, the only reason why there weren’t more is because I had very little opportunity to shop on the rest of the trip…

    Try typing in the German info in your planner on google translate. Might make for some interesting translations.

    • Two. That’s something to be proud of. No matter lack of shopping was the cause.

      I do love google translate. I know enough German to know sometimes it misses what I want to say when I get it to turn English into German.

  3. I feel so much better. I am a hoarder of planners also. Just got a new one where I am entering my personal, business and book notations even though I have three other perfectly good ones unused. Plus I tell friends who want to buy me something to get me “a planner”. lol

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