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Cinque Terre

Ever since reading the late Ann Rickard’s book, Not Another Book About Italy, six years ago, I’ve wanted to visit the Cinque Terre. When planning this trip, a colleague advised me not to visit. “You’ll hear Aussie twang at every step.”

I almost didn’t include it but Mr S said it has been your dream, so go.

Given that my knees are “going”, this might be the last time I am able to walk the trail at all.

So we included it in our trip. Three nights in one of the villages, Vernazza.

And it was heaven.

Look at the golden light!

We only walked one of the sections of the walk, Vernazza to Monterosso.

Looking down on Vernazza

Local farmer. Can’t imagine walking here with tools, let some working on the step slopes


Monterosso coming into view

I wanted to have a swim in the sea. The water was brisk. What stopped me was the lack of places to change into my swimmers. Instead, after paddling up to our ankles, we revived ourselves with a gelato, naturally.

The plan was to then catch the train to the furthest village, and hop on and off the train to all the villages, until the one before Vernazza. Then do a second section of the walk.

It was sunny and hot. And the track was steep, narrow and, in places, slippery.

I don’t do heat well. My knees were swelling. All this is to justify explain why did we didn’t do the second section of the walk. Though I don’t regret abandoning the walk.

By the end of the day we did over 17,000 steps and 83 flights. There is much walking required from the stations to the centre of each village! Especially Corniglia, where a flight of steps significantly added to the count of flights climbed!




Sun on the Mediterranean

Unending steps to Corniglia village centre

The views were awesome. I am so glad we came.

And for the record we heard very few Aussie but lots of Italians and Americans.

We ended the night with dinner at the restaurant recommended by the host of the rental rooms. It was high on the point. As daylight savings had ended we didn’t see the sun set. We were, however, entertained by the waiter, Andrea, who loved Kylie Minogue, leaving her tunes playing in my head for days!

Looking up to the restaurant

Tomorrow my top hints for visiting the Cinque Terre.