Like a tornado

I awoke on our second morning in Rome to warnings of a tornado from Apple weather.

Nope, sunny outside. Seems like Sydney got the warning too. Lucky there was no wet or stormy weather, we had much to see. We we’re going to be storming around like a tornado.

On the recommendation of Laura, I booked a walking tour of the central historic area. I am so glad I did. We skipped lines (which were massive) and had history, ruins and buildings explained. Not only did this help us appreciate what we were seeing but what we were looking at made sense.

You know, I heard and read so much, I can’t remember which arch this is.

Up on Palatine Hill. Sunken floor mosaic

Looking down on the Forum ruins from Palatine Hill. See how crowded with ruins it is!

See! Even more ruins in the Forum!

Another triumphal arch

The tour was three hours! A lot of walking. My right knee began to suffer. This is not the one I injured two years ago in a skiing accident. I hope it is just from all the walking on cobblestones. Time will tell. I’ve had problems with my knees before – it was this that made me definitely put Cinque Terre on our itinerary. My knees won’t last forever.

Anyway, once the tour was over we had lunch. Again, on Laura’s recommendation I had cacio e peppe pasta. Yum. So glad I did. I would not have picked it before, thinking it was too plain. (Loved it so much I had it again at another restaurant in Trastevere two days later.)

After lunch, we walked and walked. Through the Circus Maximus. And the old Jewish quarter and well, everywhere.

As we did on other days.

This market was probably very close to the markets of Ancient Rome, or of any period really. Crowds. People selling and buying stuff. Haggling.

If you don’t like noise and crowds, the main areas of Rome won’t be for you. But you can escape. I’ll post some quiet places tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Like a tornado

  1. It’s so picturesque. And mind-blowing to consider the length of time it’s been there, the past linked to the present. Amazing trip!

  2. Excellent. Think you have made the most of this trip (good prep for the year off). But, you may need a holiday to recover from your holiday. Good luck with the ‘reset’ button! 🙂

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