Archive | November 17, 2019

Jet lag

Travelling from Australia to Germany, I had no jet lag.

If may be because the direction of travel – west. Or maybe because we had a day stopover in Hong Kong where we raced around madly and thus I slept for much of the next leg.

Coming home, I was hit with a big dose of jet lag. Just couldn’t adjust my body clock.

The flights home themselves were fine. Two long, but almost equal, legs. I didn’t sleep much on the first – just a couple of hours. On the second leg, I slept for about three or four hours.

We arrived home at about 11.30pm. I didn’t go to bed until about 2.30am. Spent the time talking with my sons, unpacking the bag, reading, washing clothes.

I only slept for three hours. Woke feeling hungry.

And then I had to get moving. I had a hairdresser’s appointment and other chores to do. I was shaking I was so tired and fell asleep for a bit at the hairdressers.

Got home about 2pm and crashed. Slept soundly for three hours. Which then put me out for the night.

Didn’t go to bed until way after midnight. I was tired but just couldn’t sleep. So I took some melatonin which helped me sleep soundly. But only for about five hours.

Woke early. But felt heavy and tired. Just couldn’t get up and going so read in bed. I slept in the middle of the day and generally slothed around.

I have done everything wrong to avoid, and get over, jet lag.

Mr S is fine. When he got on the plane, he adjusted his watch go Sydney time. And immediately forced himself to “be” in Sydney time. He slept most of the first leg – it was night in Sydney after all. (Mr S has the ability to shut his eyes and fall asleep instantly.)

He slept for some of the second leg. But as it was day in Sydney, he didn’t want to sleep too much. When we got home, he didn’t stay up as long as I did. He also didn’t run around madly doing personal chores on the first day; then he went to bed and got up at his usual time.

Yes, he was tired but didn’t feel all out of sorts. (Until he got a head cold.)

Ever had jet lag? How do you avoid it? Recover from it?

PS: My trip is over. People who recently followed my blog, I hope you’ve enjoyed my scratching. You may want to drop off now as I blither about things such as decluttering, gardening, going plastic free and more frivolous things, such as eyebrows. I will return to travel in January, with an upcoming trip to California.