Archive | November 26, 2019

Don’t dream it’s over

Hey now! Hey now! Don’t dream it’s over.

The trip has ended.

Back to reality.

I need to get my life in order. Back on the path to being more organised and getting my house to be orderly and gorgeous and more stylish. And my finances, don’t mention my finances.

I had time to think while on the trip. Contemplate about things I want to stream line; things that need fixing; things I’ve learnt from the Italians. (Which I learnt from the French but didn’t put into practice: that is, have a life beyond work – socialise more.)

One thing we both realised is that we need to do more of what we love: go on adventures.

Mr S is manic for paying off the mortgage. But when we were talking about future travels, he realised it would be years before we visited his family in the US. And given that his cousin has visited us three times, we probably should return the favour.


I bought tickets to go on Boxing Day.

Complete the sentence.

Two long haul flights in the same year are….

  • a) Decadent.
  • b) Outrageous.
  • c) Environmentally unsound.
  • d) All of the above.
  • Our youngest, The Dreamer, thinks this is not what our family does: disappear on Boxing Day. He’ll cope. We wanted to maximise the time Mr S’s cousin had off from work between Christmas and New Year. (With a week to think about it, The Dreamer decided to join us!!!)

    But to take this trip, and have our year off, and overpay the mortgage, and get the house and garden in order, means making some choices.

    Firstly it means saying sorry to our neighbours. Sorry, we can’t afford to replace the fence which has fallen down and is rotten. No, can’t do it. We’re too busy jetsetting and paying for holidays.

    Live for the frivolous. It’s never really been us. Solid. Hardworking. Paying bills on time.

    But off we go.