Archive | December 1, 2019

Advent calendar

When I was quite young, I had a very traditional German advent calendar. Every day revealed a little picture. An angel. A trumpet. A small choir. And then the double door for the 24th with baby Jesus in a manger.

I loved that advent calendar and used it again and again. For many Christmases.

It was rare to have an advent calendar as Australian shops did not generally stock them.

Then the chocolate ones became ubiquitous. They just didn’t bring the same magic to me. There was no picture, just the chocolate you knew you were going to get. I’m not sure those used to chocolate will appreciate a little picture.

Now advent calendars have ramped right up. Makeup. Cheese. Little books. Skin care products. Anything and everything.

Kind of misses the point, I think. It’s not about getting things. It’s about building anticipation. It’s not about more gifts. It’s about doing something as a family.

OK, I thought that until someone at French lessons told me about the French wine advent calendar in Aldi. Apparently they were sold out at several Aldi supermarkets.

But I was in luck. The Aldi on the way home had a lot left. One came home with me.

And a beer one for Mr S.

So to assist us in building anticipation, I have also bought two countdown calendars.

Every night, well not every night because there will be work and social events, but nearly every night we will sip our drink and chat by candlelight.

A nice little Christmas countdown treat.

December 1st: a little rosé

And there is a lovely sense of order that this year advent starts on the first of December. Of course you knew that advent isn’t just the 24 days of counting down on an advent calendar, didn’t you? You knew it starts the fourth Sunday before Christmas.