Archive | December 2, 2019

A daily bit of Christmas

Inspired by Vivien, I’m going to do a bit of Christmas every day.

Yesterday I posted about my advent calendar. It had been sitting in the living room all week, tempting me. I wanted to open one door early so I could see the size of the bottle. Of course, Mr S said I had to wait. He likes things to be done on the “correct” day in the correct order. I hate surprises and suspense and don’t see the point of waiting. Which, I admit, kind of is what advent calendars are about.

Well, at 3.30am I woke feeling very thirsty. We’d eaten at a Thai restaurant the night before. No, I didn’t have a little tipple. I had a glass of water. But I did open the first door and was quite thrilled to see a pale rosé.

Today’s little bit of Christmas: my tree! Work demands meant last year I put it up so late, it hardly seemed worth it. This year we will be disappearing on Boxing Day, so I need to get it up early to make the most of beauty of the Christmas tree.

Now, the annual dilemma.

Put everything on and have a multi-colour extravaganza. Or keep a pared back look of colour coordinated decorations.

I’ve put up red and silver.

What do you think? Should I add more decorations? Gold? Purple? Blue? Pink? I have rich, jewelled colours. And subtle pink and white ones. And big tin ones.

Tell me, tell me, tell me, do.