A daily bit of Christmas

Inspired by Vivien, I’m going to do a bit of Christmas every day.

Yesterday I posted about my advent calendar. It had been sitting in the living room all week, tempting me. I wanted to open one door early so I could see the size of the bottle. Of course, Mr S said I had to wait. He likes things to be done on the “correct” day in the correct order. I hate surprises and suspense and don’t see the point of waiting. Which, I admit, kind of is what advent calendars are about.

Well, at 3.30am I woke feeling very thirsty. We’d eaten at a Thai restaurant the night before. No, I didn’t have a little tipple. I had a glass of water. But I did open the first door and was quite thrilled to see a pale rosé.

Today’s little bit of Christmas: my tree! Work demands meant last year I put it up so late, it hardly seemed worth it. This year we will be disappearing on Boxing Day, so I need to get it up early to make the most of beauty of the Christmas tree.

Now, the annual dilemma.

Put everything on and have a multi-colour extravaganza. Or keep a pared back look of colour coordinated decorations.

I’ve put up red and silver.

What do you think? Should I add more decorations? Gold? Purple? Blue? Pink? I have rich, jewelled colours. And subtle pink and white ones. And big tin ones.

Tell me, tell me, tell me, do.

14 thoughts on “A daily bit of Christmas

  1. I’m of the two or three tone looks. But then EVERY time I do flowers I’m similarly monochromatic so it seems innate! Mine are gold and navy; with dark green. Horrid period pain yest so didn’t set anything up. Maybe tonight?

  2. I don’t tend to overload mine with too many decorations – I have had the co-ordinated look in the past – white, silver and gold one year with a hint of soft peach, before that red and gold and now I am on my vintage ‘period’ with a mixture of vintage and retro baubles and mixed colours. The thing about Christmas trees is that you can keep on adding decoration and try different looks each year if you want to and anything goes.
    Hope your advent goes well -I had great fun last year but will be toning it down this year.

    • Love the different themes. My problem is I like A LOT of decorations. And won’t spend the money each year on getting a tonne of them. Also I wouldn’t throw previous years’ away if they are good. (Hate adding to landfill.) So I have to mix up my colours.

  3. If I get the tree up, which doesn’t always happen, and doesn’t phase me if it doesn’t, I use the decorations I have. They are red and gold, as I love their lushness. Your advent calendar sound much more like me!

  4. My Christmas tree normally looks like the Christmas department of several stores has thrown up on it. It’s been the kid’s “job” to do the tree for since they were old enough to reach the top. They’re getting more half arsed, and I’m getting more enthusiastic for a slightly more stylishly decorated tree situation. I am going to get the favourite oldest child to haul everything out so I can have a look and make a proper decision on whether to expand the bauble collection or eh, wing it.

    Can’t start til after the 5th December, and it’s all got to be down by 12th night.

    • My boys are in their 20s and I tossed the school made decorations. Had to do it without Mr S knowing. Tree looks better for it. For two year, I had a spazz attack at being the only one who does the tree. One year it was crappy. Next year better. But still lacking the time and care I put in to make it even.

  5. You tossed the boys’ school decorations!!! I’m unable to speak! (I love your colour co-ordinated tree – perfect – and wish I had the grit to tidy mine up AND deal with the school decorations!!)

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